Interactive Patient Care Solution


At Nemours, it’s important to us that your family is prepared, and comfortable with whatever may come your way. That’s why we use the GetWellNetwork to provide you  with education, communication, and entertainment in the hospital at bedside or online at home.

GetWell at Bedside

While your child is here, your television is transformed into GetWell Town, an interactive resource that is uniquely based on your child’s age, medical condition, and more. Using a touch screen or other wireless device, your child can watch television, surf the web, check emails, play music and games, and learn about the hospital health care team. You can even see who’s about to enter your room before they open the door!

GetWell at Home

Before or after your hospital visit, you can access the GetWellNetwork online. Using a computer, mobile device, or your television, your physician or nurse  can give you a special login so you can watch KidsHealth educational videos at home.

Nemours KidsHealth Videos, is the most trusted online resource for parents and kids to learn about medical conditions and procedures. We’re proud that through the GetWellNetwork, children in hospitals across the country benefit from our KidsHealth patient education videos, created by our very own Nemours clinicians, writers, designers, producers, and animators.

Your physician may “prescribe” specific videos based on your child’s diagnosis. Topics cover medical conditions and types of treatment, and illustrate common hospital procedures related to:

  • asthma: what it is, triggers, treatment, action plans
  • cancer: personal stories
  • central Line: what it is, how to care for it, troubleshooting
  • diabetes: treatment, action plans
  • gastrostomy tubes (G-Tubes): surgery and PEG technique, home care
  • medical tests: various procedures
  • nasogastric tube (NG-Tube): how to use, home care
  • PICC line: routine care, troubleshooting
  • respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): what to expect, home care
  • sickle cell disease: what it is, treatments
  • tracheostomy: how it’s done, home care

To access the KidsHealth Video Library on GetWellNetwork in the hospital, just go to the Movie Theater section and select Health & Safety movies. Your physician or nurse can give you login information so you can watch the videos at home.