A pediatric anesthesia patient

If your child requires anesthesia, you can rely on the expertise of Nemours' pediatric anesthesiologists. Our experienced team specializes in administering anesthesia in children. Our job is to keep your child safe and prevent pain before, during, and immediately after the surgical procedure — and ease your worries and concerns, too.

Learn More About Pediatric Anesthesiology

Anesthesia is the use of medicine to prevent the feeling of pain during surgery or other procedures that might be painful, such as a dental extraction. Anesthesia is administered through injection or an inhaled gas or vapor.

Some minor surgical procedures or procedures don’t require anesthesia. Instead, in these cases, we’ll administer a sedative drug to relax children and make it easier to perform the procedures.

What to Expect With Pediatric Anesthesiology

All of our physicians are fellowship-trained and board-certified, and have advanced training in one or more areas — such as Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and Pediatric Anesthesiology. So we’re able to provide the highest-quality care to even the youngest or most medically complex patients. This high level of expertise and experience with the unique anesthesia needs of children means our pediatric anesthesiologists are especially qualified to keep your child comfortable and as calm as possible.

In order to provide the safest care, our pediatric anesthesiologists will direct a care team that may include other physicians and nursing staff. Together, our team will thoroughly evaluate your child before any procedure, explain the type of anesthesia we’ll use, and answer all of your questions. Then, we’ll administer your child’s anesthetic medications during the procedure and carefully monitor your child afterward.