Patient Satisfaction

In the Words of Our Families

We believe that your thoughts and feedback about your family's experience with Nemours are integral to helping us continue to improve our care. Here are some of the personal testimonials we’ve received from parents like you:

"The anesthesiologist listened to us as we explained our daughter's past high resistance to anesthesia. It had also been noted in her file. This time she did not need an extra dose of anesthesia for her tube placement!"

"Our anesthesiologist was thoughtful and informative, and we felt very safe with her caring for our son."

"I was very nervous about the anesthesia. The anesthesiologist was excellent and calmed my fears."

"The whole experience was outstanding — the [operating room] nurse was great; the anesthesiologist, explained everything and we were confident our daughter was in wonderful hands. Everything was very smooth, right from the minute we came in the front door the entire team worked together to give our daughter the best care possible."

"Anesthesiologist noted a heart rhythm issue and notified cardiology and us ... above and beyond! Thank you."

"The sequence of steps from pre-op appointment, operation day and post-op was very understandable and ran smoothly. The staff members (registration, nurses, surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc., were all excellent and treated our daughter as if she was their one and only patient for the day!"

"On the day of surgery, the anesthesiologist let me go back to [the Operating Room] while they put my son to sleep because he was very upset. I was very appreciative."

"We loved the anesthesiologist who treated our son! She was very upbeat and funny and she truly helped us to laugh and feel at ease prior to the surgery. I was very grateful to her for helping us both relax!"