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Patient Satisfaction

In the Words of Our Families

We believe that your thoughts and feedback about your family's experience with Nemours are integral to helping us continue to improve our care. Here are some of the personal testimonials we’ve received from parents like you:

"Have been coming to see our Nemours psychologist for a number of years and she has kept my family together, helped us understand our daughter's needs, how she thinks, and solutions to problems."

"I appreciate Nemours and especially the staff at the behavioral clinic in Orlando. They have helped our family immeasurably."

"We were absolutely thrilled with our psychologist. She was so kind and patient with our son and took the time to make sure we understood and answered all of my questions. Our only regret is that we didn't find her years ago."

"Our psychologist has been a joy to work with. My son has had ADHD for over 10 years, and she has been part of his success through medical management and great caring for his well-being."

"I appreciate how our psychologist uses the My Nemours system to communicate with me. I really feel connected and like not having to wait for an appointment to get a question answered. I know this is a lot of extra work for her and it is very generous of her to give her time."

"Couldn't have the quality of life for my child that he has without her expertise and assistance."

"My son looks forward to seeing and talking to our Nemours psychologist and feels he's getting a lot out of their appointments. That's huge to me. I also feel that the time I have with her is very beneficial to me (and my husband, as I relate her comments and suggestions to him)."

"Our Nemours psychologist is excellent! She was in tune with our daughter’s needs and sensitivity! She made the experience a comforting as well as helpful and informative. Extremely professional."