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Nemours Children's is world-renowned for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skeletal dysplasia — even the rarest forms. We work as a team to maximize children’s function, correct limb differences, manage medical issues and prevent future complications. All skeletal dysplasias (SDs) are genetic conditions. With advances in genetic and prenatal testing, some children can be diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia while they are still developing in the womb. Once a diagnosis is made, we can began to follow your child with care that includes prenatal consults, an advanced delivery program or care as soon as your child is born. Our expert team of complex care pediatricians and pediatric orthopedic surgeons are here to answer your questions and provide the latest treatment options.

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Why Choose Us

Nemours is one of the foremost health systems in the world for skeletal dysplasia and dwarfism diagnosis and treatment — offering comprehensive medical and surgical expertise spanning multiple fields.

Our skeletal dysplasia, experts have the experience and training to diagnose and manage even the rarest types of skeletal dysplasia. With more than 400 types of skeletal dysplasia, Dr. Michael Bober and Dr. Ricki Carroll offer families answers, management plans and the opportunity to participates in ongoing clinical research. 

Our team of complex care pediatricians, pediatric orthopedists, genetic counselors, nurse practitioners, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, neurosurgeons and others all we work together to create a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment is led by our world-renowned pediatric orthopedic experts, including Dr. William Mackenzie. Since skeletal dysplasia can evolve and change with time, Nemours has established one of the world’s top pediatric imaging programs to track and measure changes to children’s bodies.  

Our care navigators coordinate appointments since most kids need appointments with different specialists, and some may need multiple surgeries. We also help kids with skeletal dysplasia achieve the highest possible function and quality of life through access to Nemours experts and support services, including:

  • Clinical trials research opportunities
  • Support services and community resources

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