Speech & Language Therapy

Patient Satisfaction

In the Words of Our Families

We believe that your thoughts and feedback about your family's experience with Nemours are integral to helping us continue to improve our care. Here are some of the personal testimonials we’ve received from parents like you:

"We have been receiving speech therapy for over a year now with [our therapist], and we think she is great!"

"My son’s [speech therapist] is wonderful! She is always working hard to help my son in every way, and she is an outstanding speech therapist!"

"The speech language pathologist who administered the speech evaluation was excellent, was willing to work with my child's comfort zone, and was very patient and accommodating."

"Therapist was great at explaining how the session went and what they did."

"The speech therapist is excellent. I feel like my child is in the best care. She gives me ideas and lots of helpful information for my son."

"Our speech therapist is phenomenal. My son made more progress with her in one year than he had with all of his previous STs combined."

"To finally be listened to, to be validated was such a relief! For a year, we have been searching for someone to listen ... to help! We have finally found it!"

"So many places could learn from this hospital! The collaboration that we were part of was amazing. Such a cohesive and amazing group of people!"