Teen Advisory Council

Nemours Children's Hospital, Lake Nona

Teen Advisory Council. Photo of a group of teenagers standing

At Nemours, “family-centered care” means putting your family first in everything we do. To help us make meaningful improvements for all of the children we see and their families, we rely on our teen advisory councils to help create new services, streamline our processes and even weigh in on who we hire and how to build a better place to care for children.

About the Council

About Our Teen Advisory Council

Made up of teens, many who have chronic or complex health issues, the Teen Advisory Council (TAC) provides insight on the features teens want most, such as: educating staff on using understandable language, finding tasty and healthy menu items for dining services, planning fun and therapeutic events for patients, and celebrating and appreciating staff for the difference they have made in the lives of patients and families.

But that’s just the beginning. We are active and important in the day-to-day life of Nemours Children's Hospital as we develop and foster partnerships among children, families and providers by:

  • partner with associates in the planning, completion and evaluation of programs, policies, services and special events for fellow patients
  • act as a trusted advisory resource to associates, patients and families
  • strengthen the collaboration between patients, family members and health care professionals in the care provided to patients at Nemours
  • assist in staff education and professional development
  • empower fellow patients through information and education
  • increase awareness of the unique needs of adolescents with chronic medical conditions, as well as the needs of their siblings
  • engage the community as active, positive hospital ambassadors
Projects & Initiatives

What We Do

Since 2019, the Teen Advisory Council has been a partner in developing and enhancing Nemours Children's Hospital's family-centered care. We play key roles advocating, advising and educating our staff and families on a variety of issues. Some of our group’s most prominent projects were helping to:

  • Collaborate with the Disney Children’s Hospital Program to create engaging, child-friendly design elements throughout the hospital.
  • Plan the Nemours Children’s Hospital annual Prom, to support teens at the hospital who are unable to celebrate as they may have planned.
  • Educate staff on appropriate language and sensitive ways to provide information to children and families that may be difficult to learn.
  • Provide interactive activities to Nemours’ patients to help normalize the hospital setting and allow for some fun.
Get Involved

Get Involved

Using your voice is sometimes the most empowering way to cope with your health care experience. If you want to meet engaged, active teens who are united with a common goal to collaborate and improve Nemours patient services, please join us.

To get involved with the Teen Advisory Council (TAC), you can become a member.

How Can I Join?

TAC members meet one evening every other month. If you are interested in joining the TAC, please fill out the TAC membership form (PDF) and email it to Alexis Plumb or Kelsey Knipple.  

Contact Us

Alexis Plumb, MSEd, CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist
Department of Patient and Family Services
Nemours Children's Hospital, Lake Nona
Phone: (407) 567-3054
Email: alexis.plumb@nemours.org

Kelsey Knipple, MSEd, CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist
Department of Patient and Family Services
Nemours Children's Hospital, Lake Nona
Phone: (407) 567-3055
Email: kelsey.knipple@nemours.org