XY Chromosome Abnormalities

Comprehensive Care for Kids With XY Chromosome Abnormalities 

The Nemours eXtraordinarY Kids Program offers expert, comprehensive, integrated medical care and support services for children with XY chromosome abnormalities (variations of the X and Y chromosomes, which determine a child’s sex — male or female). Normally, a child will be a male if he inherits one X chromosome from his mother and one Y chromosome from his father. A child will be a female if she inherits a double dose of X (one from each parent) and no Y. Sometimes, though, children are born with only one sex chromosome (usually a single X) or with an extra X or Y.

At Nemours, our eXtraordinarY Kids team will give your child a thorough evaluation and create a treatment plan tailored to your child’s medical care, development, academic, social and emotional needs. Our program was created to help families identify needs and resources — and to provide coordinated care, all in one place. Our goal: to help all children reach their full potential.

Conditions we see include:

  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Turner syndrome 
  • XXX syndrome
  • XYY syndrome