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Diagnostic Labs

Clinicians everywhere trust our certified diagnostic testing labs to provide consistent results. Our specialized full-service labs meet or exceed the highest standards for safety and reliability, using state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professional staff.

We specialize in the analysis of genetic, molecular, and tissue samples. We even provide detailed instructions for sample collection, shipping protocols and other logistical issues. It’s information you can use with confidence to help guide your diagnosis and treatment decisions.

  • Clinical Immunology Lab
    Clinical Immunology Lab

    The Nemours Clinical Immunology Lab provides clinical lab services and is a pediatric diagnostic center, researching autoimmune disorders.

  • Gastroenterology Clinical Lab
    Gastroenterology Clinical Lab

    The Nemours GI Clinical Lab is a pediatric lab that provides a variety of clinical lab services for GI clinicians and researchers.

  • Molecular Diagnostics Lab
    Molecular Diagnostics Lab

    The Nemours Molecular Diagnostics Lab serves as a pediatric diagnostic center, with clinical lab services for most neuromuscular diseases.

  • Muscle Enzyme Histochemistry & IHC Lab
    Muscle Enzyme Histochemistry & IHC Lab

    The Muscle Enzyme Histochemistry and IHC Lab is one of many pediatric labs at Nemours, providing muscle enzyme histochemistry and immunodiagnostics.

  • Transplant Molecular Diagnostics Lab
    Transplant Molecular Diagnostics Lab

    The Transplant Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory performs pediatric laboratory and clinical laboratory services for pediatric transplant patients.