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Research Labs

Nemours Biomedical Research, Delaware

Applied Clinical Genomics

  • Human Genetics Research Lab
    Human Genetics Research Lab

    The Human Genetics Research lab is one of many pediatric labs at Nemours and focuses on human neurogenetic disorders, autism, and Rett syndrome.

  • Molecular Regeneration & Neuroimaging Lab
    Molecular Regeneration & Neuroimaging Lab

    The Molecular Regeneration and Neuroimaging Lab, one of many pediatric labs at Nemours, focuses on mechanisms underlying neuronal regeneration.

  • Motor Neuron Diseases Research Lab
    Motor Neuron Diseases Research Lab

    The Motor Neuron Diseases Research Lab, one of many pediatric labs at Nemours, focuses on neurodegeneration and neuroprotection mechanisms.

  • Musculoskeletal Inherited Disease Lab
    Musculoskeletal Inherited Disease Lab

    The Musculoskeletal Inherited Disease Research Lab, one of many pediatric labs at Nemours, focuses on genetic analyses of pediatric diseases.

  • Neurogenetics Research Lab
    Neurogenetics Research Lab

    The Nemours Neurogenetics Research Lab, one of three pediatric labs at the Center for Clinical and Applied Genomics, studies neurodegenerative disease.

  • Perinatal Reproductive Malformations Lab
    Perinatal Reproductive Malformations Lab

    The Perinatal Reproductive Malformations Lab, one of many pediatric labs at Nemours, studies normal and abnormal male reproductive maturation.

  • Pediatric Urology Research Lab
    Pediatric Urology Research Lab

    The Pediatric Urology Research Lab, one of many pediatric labs at Nemours, focuses on exploring genetic and biological causes of cryptorchidism.

  • Rasopathies Research Program
    Rasopathies Research Program

    The Rasopathies Research program investigates Costello syndrome and a variety of genetic mutations referred to as rasopathies.

  • Translational Rheumatology Lab
    Translational Rheumatology Lab

    The Translational Rheumatology Lab focuses on finding new and effective treatment options for children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis as well as Lyme arthritis.

Asthma & Pulmonology Research

Cancer Biomarkers & Therapeutics

  • Cancer Epigenetics Lab
    Cancer Epigenetics Lab

    Nemours Cancer Epigenetics Research lab focuses on pediatric cancer research related to curcumin, nanotechnology-based delivery, and brain tumors.

  • Clinical Biochemistry Lab
    Clinical Biochemistry Lab

    The Nemours Biomedical Research Lab is a pediatric biomedical research center focused on the biological roles of intracellular proteases.

  • High-Throughput Screening/Drug Discovery Lab
    High-Throughput Screening/Drug Discovery Lab

    The High-Throughput Screening (HTS) / Drug Discovery Lab at Nemours seeks to discover and develop new drugs to treat childhood leukemia.

Clinical Diagnostics & Therapeutics Research

  • Immunology Lab
    Immunology Lab

    The Nemours Immunology Lab, one of several pediatric labs within the Center for Clinical Diagnostics, studies infectious and inflammatory diseases.

  • Immunity & Infectious Disease Lab
    Immunity & Infectious Disease Lab

    The Nemours Immunity and Infectious Disease Lab performs immunity and infectious disease research in immunology and rheumatology.

Clinical Research & Development

Neurodevelopmental/Musculoskeletal Research