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Affiliations & Partnerships

We collaborate with the following health care organizations — and invite you to collaborate with us, too.

Pediatric Research

Children are always making new discoveries, and we are, too.

Since we opened our doors in 1940, our researchers have focused on ways to reduce suffering and improve the lives of children — helping advance life-changing medical care. Our commitment to biomedical research reflects our mission and values and our promise to deliver family-centered care. After all, it’s in our DNA.

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For Researchers

We're Looking for Life-Changing Answers

Our comprehensive Nemours Biomedical Research program includes:
  • hundreds of physician researchers, clinicians and scientists
  • one of the nation's largest pediatric databases
  • millions of dollars in grants and funding
  • more than 26 patents
  • hundreds of research publications every year

Resources for Researchers

Learn about our work, our pediatric biomedical research centers and labs, our people and processes, and educational opportunities.

Collaborate With Us

With active labs in the Delaware Valley and Florida, we’re always seeking new research partners to collaborate with. Join us.

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For Families

We’re Advancing Research Discoveries for All Kids

As long as there are conditions that cause medical problems for children, we’ll do our very best to research the best ways to treat them. Performing research in a variety of areas that affect kids with all kinds of conditions, our physician researchers, clinicians and scientists:

  • conduct many different types of studies in a wide range of medical areas
  • engage in lab-based research
  • work with patients to participate in clinical trials and studies
  • do translational research, turning lab-based discoveries into practical clinical applications

Resources for Families

Nemours nurtures the scientific process of discovery because research can bring the promise of better tomorrows for children everywhere.

Clinical Trials for Your Child

Browse our comprehensive list of clinical trials currently underway at Nemours facilities in Delaware and Florida.

Lab Services

Labs & Diagnostic Testing

Clinical Professionals

In each pediatric biomedical research center, we operate specialized core labs as well as labs that do diagnostic testing and scientific research.

Nemours maintains an appropriate written, enforced policy on conflict of interest pursuant to 42 C.F.R. §50.604.

Make a Gift

Donations help provide critical support for research. Learn more about how you can support the research efforts at Nemours.
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Asthma Research in the Real World

Watch how Nemours researchers are helping children with asthma.

Nemours researchers and clinicians are working hard to develop new ways to help children and teens breathe easier. Learn More »

More on Cardiac Research

We’re actively involved in a wide variety of research work and studies on cardiovascular surgery, transplants, interventional cardiology procedures, preventive cardiology and the genetic causes of heart malformations. Learn More »