Medical Services & Specialties

At Nemours Children’s Health, we offer all the medical specialties and related services most kids would ever need. Each one we offer helps us get another step closer to improving the health — of all children.

Full List of Specialties

Adolescent Medicine & Pediatric Gynecology

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

Advanced Delivery Program

Advanced Life Support

Aerodigestive Disorders Program

Airway Tracheal Surgery

Allergy and Immunology


Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Assistive Technology

Audiology & Hearing

Autism Center, Delaware Valley

Behavioral Health (Psychology and Psychiatry)

Behavioral Health Hub, Central Florida

Blood and Bone Marrow Transplants

Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

CAR T-Cell Treatment

Cardiac (Heart) Imaging

Cardiac Anesthesiology

Cardiac Center, Delaware Valley

Cardiac Center, Florida

Cardiac Critical Care

Cardiac Exercise Program

Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program

Cardiac Neuromuscular Disorders

Cardiac Psychology

Cardiac Rehabilitation & Fitness

Cardiac Research

Cardiac Second Opinions

Cardio Oncology


Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiovascular Genetics

Catheterization/Interventional Cardiology

Center for Fetal Care

Centro de Atención Fetal

Cerebral Palsy Center, Delaware Valley

Chest Wall Disorders Program

Clinical Pharmacogenomics

Cochlear Implant Program

Coronary Anomalies Program

Critical Care Transport

Dental Program, Delaware Valley


Developmental Behavioral Pediatricians

Diabetes Program

Diagnostic Referral Service

Digestive Disorders and Gastrointestinal Surgery Center, Florida

Dysautonomia (Autonomic Dysfunction)

Ear Anomalies Program, Delaware Valley

Ear Tubes (Bilateral Myringotomy)

Ear, Hearing & Communication Center, Florida

Electrophysiology & Arrhythmia Program

Emergency Medicine


Eosinophilic GI Disease Center, Florida

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Transport

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

Fetal Heart Program

Fetal Medicine

Foster Care Health Program, Delaware Valley

Gait & Motion Analysis


Gender Wellness Program


Hand Therapy Program

Health Care Professional Resources

Healthy Weight and Wellness Clinic

Heart Failure & Cardiomyopathy Program

Heart Transplant Program


Hepatology (Liver Care)

Hospital Medicine

Infectious Diseases

Inpatient Heart Care

Integrative Medicine

International Medicine Program

Interventional Radiology

Kidney Transplant Program

Leukemia Clinical Trials

Liver Transplant Program

Liver Tumor Program

Lymphatics Disease Program

Mechanical Circulatory Support

Medically Complex Coordination Clinic

Mental Health Video Visits





Newborn Heart Surgery


Occupational Therapy


Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center, Florida

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center, Florida

Orthopedic Center, Delaware Valley



Osteogenesis Imperfecta Program, Delaware Valley

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat/ENT) 

Palliative Care

PATH Telemental Health Program, Jacksonville

Pathology (Lab Services)

Pediatric General Surgery

Pediatric Intensive Care

Perinatal Program, Delaware Valley

Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgery

Preventive Cardiology


Pulmonary Hypertension Program


Radiology (Medical Imaging)

Rehabilitation Medicine


Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Safe Sleep for Babies


Single Ventricle Program

Skeletal Dysplasia Program, Delaware Valley

Skull Base Surgery Program, Delaware Valley

Sleep Medicine

Solid Organ Transplant Program

Specialty Pharmacy

Speech & Language Therapy

Spine & Scoliosis Center, Delaware Valley

Sports Cardiology

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Center, Delaware Valley

Stem Cell Transplant

Surgery for Rare Heart-Related Genetic Syndromes

TARE-Y90 (Transarterial Radioembolization With Yttrium-90)

Transition of Care

Trauma Center, Delaware Valley

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Program

Unsedated Transnasal Endoscopy


Vocal Cord Dysfunction Program, Delaware Valley

Voice Program

Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG)

Weight Loss Surgery, Delaware Valley

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic   

Williams Syndrome Program

X & Y Chromosome Variations Program