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Nemours National Office of Policy & Prevention

Policy & Prevention

Advancing Children's Health on a National Level

Established in 2008 and co-located in Washington, D.C. and Delaware, Nemours National Office of Policy and Prevention promotes optimal health and well-being for all children, not just children served within Nemours Children’s Health System.

We work with stakeholders across Nemours and the country to advocate for federal policy change; and identify, promote and grow innovative solutions to advance pediatric clinical care, research and community-based prevention efforts. Through this work, the National Office is a trusted resource and voice for children.

Our Goals 

Nemours National Office of Policy and Prevention is a catalyst for accelerating pediatric population health improvement and health system transformation.

We spread, scale and sustain effective evidence-based or science-informed population health strategies to impact larger numbers of children nationally.

Our work is currently focused on:

  • health promotion in early care and education settings, with a current emphasis on healthy eating/physical activity
  • community-based prevention, with an emphasis on integrating the social determinants of health with clinical care
  • creation of a supportive and enabling context for population health through national policies and funding opportunities

We help Nemours anticipate, interpret and adapt to changes in health care delivery, payment and pursuit of the Triple Aim (lower costs, improved health and better care). Value-based care and payment reform are major components of this transformation.

Our work is currently focused on:

  • identifying, catalyzing, facilitating, spreading and scaling innovations to support practice changes
  • advocating for policy changes (e.g., legislation, regulations, funding opportunities) that enable health system transformation
  • supporting prevention work in geographies served by Nemours Children’s Health System
  • linking Nemours' most critical regional priorities to key national or federal policymakers and stakeholders, and supporting targeted federal policies to help advance our strategic goals

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Policy & Advocacy

Get more information about our work including policy papers, blogs and policy op-eds, public comments and key letters.  

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Practice & Prevention

Learn more about the Nemours National Office's Practice & Prevention work.

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Background & Resources

Get detailed information about advancements, projects, reading readiness, publications and resources.

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Nemours National Office of Policy & Prevention

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