The National Early Care and Education Learning Collaboratives (ECELC) Program

The National ECELC program promotes healthy environments, policies, and practices in early care and education (ECE) settings to address childhood obesity. It seeks to increase the number of ECE programs meeting the Let’s Move! Child Care best practices and Preventing Childhood Obesity (2nd ed.) standards, included in Caring for Our Children (3rd ed.).

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Nemours National Office of Health Policy and Advocacy

Advancing Children's Health on a National Level

Co-located in Washington, D.C. (Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy), and Wilmington, Del., Nemours National Office of Policy and Prevention works to promote policies and practices to improve the health and well-being of children nationwide and to promote prevention at Nemours.

Our National Office leverages Nemours’ innovations and expertise to impact national policies and practices that reach millions of children across the country who will never “walk through our doors.” And, we also help drive and inform innovation at Nemours by facilitating learning and communicating opportunities about promising policies and practices to the right experts, particularly in the area of prevention and optimal health and well-being for children.

Our Goals

Promote integrated systems of medical care and community-based prevention initiatives.

Nemours is a model of a high-performing health system, and perhaps the only system nationwide that has made a long-term, sustained investment in community-based prevention.

Our mission is to help children grow up healthy, so we promote policy, environmental and systems change at the population level to create healthier environments in all the places children live, learn and play — partnering with multiple sectors such as education, early education and even agriculture, transportation and more.

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Improve quality and health outcomes for children.

Nationally, measures of pediatric quality and health outcomes have lagged as compared to adults. Recently enacted laws, which call for pediatric quality measures, and the simultaneous federal investment to promote the “meaningful use” of health information technology have further spurred the development of pediatric quality and outcome measures.

Nemours' priorities in the development of national quality frameworks:
  • Promote a focus on children in the development of quality and outcome measures.
  • Advocate for measures of population health for children, in addition to measures of individual health.
  • Encourage the development of measures that assess progress in prevention and improvements in quality of life.
  • Call for the integration of data systems that serve children in different sectors.

Improving Quality and Health Outcomes »

Encourage child health promotion, including healthy eating and physical activity, particularly in child care settings.

As a national leader in childhood obesity prevention, Nemours Health & Prevention Services (NHPS) has moved the dial on childhood obesity in Delaware. Nemours’ National Office spent more than two years ensuring that this model for wellness in child care was replicated in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act to impact the 3.2 million children who participate in the federal nutrition program for child care, the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Other important initiatives include:
  • Partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama on Let’s Move! Child Care to help child care providers adopt healthier nutrition and activity standards.
  • Helping prevent and treat obesity by promoting the integration of clinical and community-based approaches through voluntary Collaborate for Healthy Weight programs.
  • Seeking private sector commitments to address childhood obesity through the Partnership for a Healthier America.

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An Advocate for ICD-10-CM Implementation

ICD-10 is a new code set used to report medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures. ICD-10 will replace the currently used ICD-9 code set. These new codes have the potential to improve national healthcare initiatives such as meaningful use, payment reform and quality reporting. As a user of electronic health record technology, Nemours recognizes the importance of capturing accurate data for quality of care and healthcare research. For these reasons we believe ICD-10 will positively affect our patients and support this important national initiative.

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Debbie I. Chang, MPH
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