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Teen Homeless Research Study

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Teen Homeless Research Study

Did You Lose Your Housing at Any Time in High School?

Help us by taking part in a teen homelessness research study and receive a $20 gift card for participating.

What is involved?

The purpose of this research study is to hear the perspectives of teens who did not have a regular place to stay during high school. You will be asked to share your perspective during a 30-minute interview. We will try to learn about good and bad ways to ask about your experiences and whether services like health care, counseling and education are helpful. Your participation will help us understand how to help teens without a regular place to stay and how we can make services easier to get.

You may be able to participate if:

  • You are between 13–19 years old
  • You did not have a regular place to stay or experienced homelessness during high school
  • You speak English

Compensation: You will receive a $20 gift card for participating.

(302) 438-1148

Study Title: Teen Perspectives on Mobility PI: J.J. Cutuli, PhD

For questions regarding the rights of research participants, call the Nemours Office of Human Subjects Protection: (302) 298-7613 or (800) 767-5437.