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Research Collaboration Opportunities

Nemours welcomes collaboration on a wide range of research projects, from our core labs to clinical trials to medical record search and analysis. In fact, we work with investigators, scientists, sponsors, and commercialization partners from all over the world.


Nemours Biomedical Research

We offer collaborators the advantage of access to a Nemours pediatric database (within very specific limits, to ensure privacy) that’s among the largest in the country, offering valuable data in a wide range of medical areas.

Our robust mixture of research initiatives offers:
  • Hundreds of physicians, scientists, nurses, and technical staff engaged in research.
  • Millions of grant dollars or contract-related funds that support our research.
  • 328 research publications in 2015 alone.
  • 26 patents.
  • Limited access to data culled from electronic health records (EHR) for the thousands of individual patients seen in every area of pediatric care.
  • Three Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), dedicated clinical research coordinators, and Offices of Sponsored Projects.
  • A long-standing tradition of collaboration with qualified hospitals and educational institutions.
  • Established relationships, both formal and informal, with investigators and drug companies worldwide. 
  • Health Information Services partnerships with leading drug companies to establish advances in retrospective analysis.
  • Core Laboratories that are shared resources, offering capabilities (highly specialized equipment, techniques, and staff expertise) that can be accessed by many users and are applicable to multiple experiments and studies.
  • The Nemours Mentoring and Advisory Committee (M/AC): a cross-campus team of senior investigators focused on the research interests of early- and mid-level career clinical investigators. With the co-chairs’ guidance, the committee enhances the academic environment for clinical and research investigators. Our mentors are available to their mentees to review protocols, assist with completion of necessary regulatory training, help identify necessary resources to complete projects, and assist in preparing presentations of results and grant submissions.



Technology Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer

It is the mission of Nemours to provide leadership, institutions, and services to improve the health of children. As a part of that mission, Nemours Biomedical Research has a long-standing commitment to scholarly and scientific endeavors directed toward improving the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric medical conditions.

The tremendous research efforts undertaken at Nemours have resulted in the development of new technologies, new approaches, and new devices. The Office of Technology Transfer works to bring these to the marketplace. Nemours is interested in commercializing its patents and will consider equity in lieu of licensing fees, running royalties, or patent costs.

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If you are a qualified, experienced biomedical research scientist and have a pediatric research idea that would benefit from collaboration, please contact:

Barbara Gray

Administrative Manager
Phone: (302) 651-6837
Fax: (302) 651-6888