Laboratory Services for Researchers

Laboratory Services for Researchers

At Nemours Children's, we offer clinical lab services and a pediatric diagnostic center to support the efforts of clinicians and researchers, both internal and external. We staff a wide array of labs, which contribute key scientific and diagnostic information for a wealth of medical areas.

Core Resources

Nemours Biomedical Research Core Labs

The Nemours Biomedical Research Core Labs provide highly specialized equipment, techniques, and staff expertise to Nemours researchers and clinicians, as well as external investigators. Five distinct labs contribute to important work being performed in fields such as genetic disease, cancer, skeletal dysplasia, and obesity-related cardiometabolic disease. The labs are equipped with up-to-date, sophisticated equipment, and run by highly trained, experienced research professionals who can generate and interpret the wealth of data available.


Diagnostic Testing

We also have several certified diagnostic testing laboratories to help physicians make diagnoses and decide on treatment. These services are purely diagnostic in nature, and not designed for research use. They’re available only to qualified clinicians, internal and external, not to the general public. The labs cover a wide range of medical areas.

Gastroenterology Clinical Lab
The Nemours Children's GI Clinical Lab is a pediatric lab that provides a variety of clinical lab services for GI clinicians and researchers.

Histochemistry and Tissue Processing Lab
The Muscle Enzyme Histochemistry and IHC Lab is one of many pediatric labs at Nemours Children's, providing muscle enzyme histochemistry and immunodiagnostics.

Molecular Diagnostics Lab
The Nemours Children's Molecular Diagnostics Lab serves as a pediatric diagnostic center, with clinical lab services for most neuromuscular diseases.

Pediatric Research: Clinical Immunology Lab
The Nemours Clinical Immunology Lab provides clinical lab services and is a pediatric diagnostic center, researching autoimmune disorders.

Transplant Molecular Diagnostics Lab
Nemours Children's Health Transplant Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory performs pediatric laboratory and clinical laboratory services for pediatric transplant patients.


Research Labs

Nemours also offers a wealth of labs that perform research in numerous facets of nearly every medical area. These labs perform a large number of studies and investigations on an ongoing basis. They’re located at Nemours facilities in both Delaware and Florida.

Applied Clinical Genomics

Molecular Regeneration & Neuroimaging Lab
The Molecular Regeneration and Neuroimaging Lab, focuses on mechanisms underlying neuronal regeneration.

Motor Neuron Diseases Research Lab
The Motor Neuron Diseases Research Lab focuses on neurodegeneration and neuroprotection mechanisms.

Musculoskeletal Inherited Disease Lab
The Musculoskeletal Inherited Disease Research Lab focuses on genetic analyses of pediatric diseases.

Pediatric Urology Research Lab
The Pediatric Urology Research Lab focuses on exploring genetic and biological causes of cryptorchidism.

Rasopathies Research Program
The Rasopathies Research program investigates Costello syndrome and a variety of genetic mutations referred to as rasopathies.

Translational Rheumatology Lab
The Translational Rheumatology Lab focuses on finding new and effective treatment options for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis as well as Lyme arthritis.

Asthma and Pulmonology Research

Noninvasive Pulmonary Evaluation Lab
Nemours Children's Noninvasive Pulmonary Evaluation Lab is a pediatric lung center.

Cancer Biomarkers and Therapeutics

Cancer Epigenetics Lab
Nemours Children's Health Cancer Epigenetics Research lab focuses on pediatric cancer research related to curcumin, nanotechnology-based delivery, and brain tumors.

Clinical Biochemistry Lab
The Nemours Children's Biomedical Research Lab is a pediatric biomedical research center focused on the biological roles of intracellular proteases.

High-Throughput Screening/Drug Discovery Lab
The High-Throughput Screening/Drug Discovery Lab at Nemours Children's  seeks to discover and develop new drugs to treat childhood leukemia.

Pediatric Research: Cancer Stem Cell Laboratory
Focuses on developing disease models with custom generated induced pluripotent stem cells and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies for pediatric leukemia to understand the start and progression of the disease.

Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Research

Pediatric Research: Immunology Lab
The Nemours Immunology Lab, one of several pediatric labs within the Center for Clinical Diagnostics, studies infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Immunity and Infectious Disease Lab
The Nemours Children's Health Immunity and Infectious Disease Lab performs immunity and infectious disease research in immunology and rheumatology.

Clinical Research and Development

Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine Lab
The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Lab focuses on the heart and children with cerebral palsy.

Neurodevelopmental/Musculoskeletal Research

Research: Auditory Physiology/Psychoacoustics Research Lab
The Auditory Physiology & Psychoacoustics Research Lab (APPL) studies the functional development of hearing in children.

Balance and Vestibular Disorders Lab
The Balance and Vestibular Disorders Lab researches and analyzes balance-related disorders in children.

Craniofacial Outcomes Research Lab (CORL)
The Craniofacial Outcomes Research Lab studies speech and resonance disorders.

Pediatric Engineering Research Lab
The Pediatric Engineering Research Lab is one of two pediatric labs at the Center for Orthopedics Research and Development at Nemours Children's.

Speech Research Lab
The Speech Research Lab is one of several pediatric labs within the Center for Pediatric Auditory and Speech Sciences at Nemours Children's.


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