Acne is a skin condition that is a common part of puberty, when boys and girls have many hormonal changes. The fact that acne is common doesn’t make it any easier for your child or teen. We understand this at Nemours Children’s. 

Our doctors see many kids with acne every year. We can design a care plan to effectively treat your child’s acne. We’ll also help you understand what may cause breakouts and how to avoid things that might make it worse.

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Treatment for Acne at Nemours

Our pediatric dermatologists specialize in many different skin conditions. We take the time to listen to your child’s concerns. Together we come up with a plan that fits their lifestyle.  

We may use different medicines to treat acne, including creams that prevent pimples from forming. We may recommend antibiotics to kill bacteria that can cause outbreaks. We may also use stronger medicines or recommend minor procedures. We’ll talk about all your options and help you choose what’s best for your child.