Nemours Link: Electronic Access to Patient Records

Monitor your patient's progress with this secure website.

Use Nemours Link for fast, online referrals.

Nemours Link is designed to help community-based health care providers more easily monitor patients they have referred to Nemours Children's or one of its affiliate locations for care and treatment. This secure website is only available to registered users. User ID and Password are required.

Delaware School Nurses

Delaware’s public school nurses see current medical information for students who come to them for care.

Learn more about the Student Health Collaboration.

Get Started

If you have a username and password, log in to Nemours Link.

Organizations New to Nemours Link

Each organization signing up must have a legal authorized representative sign the Organization Agreement form found within the Nemours Link New Organization Request to allow members of their organization to access Nemours Link. Individual users may not access Nemours Link without this document.

To receive access, you must complete the following steps:

1. Go to Nemours Link to request a new organization

a. Complete the Organization Information & Address sections
b. Within the New Organization request please open and submit the appropriate Organization Agreement form through DocuSign.
c. Designate and complete the Organization Site Administrator section.

2. Submit the request.

The Organization Administrator will then be responsible for submitting new user requests through Nemours Link.

Organizations Using Nemours Link

If you need assistance identifying your organizations site administrator(s) please contact one of the following:

Contacts for Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nemours Link?

Nemours Link provides organization in the communities we serve with secure electronic access to select portions of their patients’ medical records.

This application allows specified non-Nemours health care providers, groups of providers, and/or authorized staff members of non-Nemours health care providers to view the information stored in these medical records.

The method of access uses a web browser, such as Chrome or Edge, to display the information. Nemours Link is a secure, confidential and easy-to-use internet-based tool.

Each user will receive a unique login ID and password to the Nemours Link application designated by their Organization Site Administrator. It will be accessed from the web site.

What is required to participate?

Nemours Link is a free program available to clinicians in all our community practices, health care facilities, home health care, medical transport, public health agencies and school districts (select Delaware public schools only) that share patients with Nemours. Each organization that desires to utilize Nemours Link is required to sign a Nemours Link Agreement and designate at least one Organization Site Administrator who will be responsible for managing the locations and users for the organization. Each individual user by accessing Nemours Link agrees to the Nemours Link User Agreement, which in addition to the organization agreement provides an acknowledgment of responsibilities under state and federal privacy laws and regulations, including, but not limited to HIPAA and FERPA.

What is an Organization Site Administrator?

Each organization will have at least 1 user that is a designated as their Organization Site Admin. Through Nemours Link, the Organization Site Admin is responsible for but not limited to the following:

1. Requesting new user accounts
2. Deactivating users that are no longer with the organization
3. Managing user passwords
4. Unlocking user accounts
5. Requesting new locations for the organization

Who is my Organization Site Administrator?

When logged into Nemours Link there is a tab called "Site Administrator(s)" that will show you who your site administrators are.

How do I get my password reset?

Contact your Organization Site Administrator.

How do you get started?

To receive access, you must complete the following steps:

1. Go to Nemours Link to request a new site.

a. Complete the Site Information & Address sections.
b. Within the New Site request please open and submit the appropriate Site Agreement form through DocuSign.
c. Designate and complete the Site Administrator section.

2. Submit the request.

Once the organization has submitted the agreement, and an Organization Site Administrator is designated, the Organization Site Administrator will be able to access Nemours Link to begin requesting users for the organization.

Contact a physician liaison or our Service Desk at (866) 736-2845 for assistance.

What equipment and browser is required to access Nemours Link?

The applications can be accessed using any of the following browsers:

On the Windows operating system:

  • Microsoft Edge version 88 or later
  • Google Chrome version 88 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 78 or later
  • Internet Explorer version 11 (May 2022 and earlier only)

On the Macintosh operating system:

  • Firefox version 78 or later
  • Chrome version 88 or later
  • Safari version 14 or later

EpicCare Link and Tapestry Link can also be accessed by iPads running iOS 14 or later using the Safari browser and Android tablets using the Chrome browser. The native Android browser and other third-party browsers are not supported. The Chrome browser on iOS is also not supported.

To function properly with your web application, a browser must be able to accept cookies, and it must be enabled to run JavaScript. These are enabled by default when you install the supported browsers, so they're supported unless you have explicitly disabled them.

What is the cost of using Nemours Link?

There is no direct charge by Nemours to access Nemours Link. The only costs would be those to update your computers, browsers or access lines.

Each individual organization is solely responsible for the costs of the equipment, maintenance and supplies required for access to and use of the Nemours Link. Such costs might include cost of acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of personal computers and printers; costs related to wiring, hardware, software, phone charges and internet access services; and costs of ongoing equipment and supply upgrades.

Who do I contact for support?

Dial (866) 736-2845

Technical Support

Nemours Link is dedicated to providing our affiliates with the very best support possible. We strive to provide timely, efficient, quality support to our Nemours Link users. Our Nemours Link partners and users receive toll-free technical support at (866) 736-2845.

Telephone Support Features

Toll-free telephone support is available during standard business hours, Monday through Friday. This type of support offers unlimited access to support analysts that understand your issues and dependencies.

Tech support includes:

  • Toll free telephone technical support
  • Assistance in the registration process of Nemours Link
  • Assistance in using the Nemours Link application
  • Help in resolving user ID and password related issues
  • Technical expertise and training

Tech support does not include:

  • Computer repair
  • Repair/diagnostics or maintenance of your internet access
  • Network troubleshooting

How do I initiate a support call?

Dial (866) 736-2845.