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Pathology (Lab Services)
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Pathology (Lab Services)

Kid-Friendly Tests, Fast Results

Nemours Children's pediatric pathology doctors help kids get the best care possible. We test cells, tissues and fluids so our doctors can make the best decisions.

We offer nearly every lab test, from routine to highly specialized. Because we’re trained in children’s diseases, we know exactly what to look for. That’s important because the right diagnosis can help your child get the right care, and feel better, sooner.

Our pathologists use the latest technologies for fast, accurate results. We have state-of-the-art labs and advanced equipment onsite. This means we do most tests here, where your child gets care. It can also reduce the time you have to wait for results.

Our lab team knows how to calm kids of all ages as they draw blood and do other tests. We use kid-friendly methods and approaches that make it a little easier for everyone.

At Nemours, you get the highest level of skill when it matters most.

Find Pediatric Pathology at Nemours

Find the pediatric pathology physicians and location closest to you:

Featured Doctor

“For us, the patient is the number one priority.”

Meet Lili Miles, MD, chair, Department of Pathology, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida.

Conditions & Treatments

We perform lab tests for a full spectrum of conditions — far too many to list here. The conditions vary depending on the location and providers selected. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us.  

Trusted Lab Services for Kids

Our pathologists are important members of your child’s medical team. Although you may not meet us, we work closely with doctors to plan care.


Pediatric-trained pathologists on our team


Specialties we work with


Hour we need to return basic emergency test results

We’re all pediatric-trained pathologists. Many conditions only affect kids. Our pathology team knows childhood diseases and how they affect kids.

We have specialized equipment. This allows us to do as many examinations as possible right in our own labs, eliminating the time and expense of sending samples out to other labs for processing.

We offer supportive services. In some locations, our Child Life specialists use medical play to help kids relax during sample collection. We want your child to be anxiety-free.

We make it convenient for you. Most lab tests require an appointment. Depending on the test, we may schedule it while you’re here for another visit. We work to make it as easy as possible.