Pediatric Psychology Fellowships, Jacksonville, Fla.

Program Overview

The Division of Psychology at Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville is offering 2 postdoctoral fellowships beginning August or September, 2024. Positions are open to graduates from American Psychological Association-approved doctoral programs who will have completed their internship training and all degree requirements by the start of fellowship.

In addition to their primary training experiences, fellows participate in Nemours enterprisewide (FL and DE) didactic seminars spanning topics such as professional development, case presentations, self-care, clinical and research supervision, and research and scholarly inquiry. There is also the opportunity to participate in a variety of continuing education activities. Nemours, as an enterprise, is committed to the D.R.I.V.E. Strategy (Diversity, Anti-Racism, Inclusion, Value, and Equity). Therefore, fellows will participate actively in diversity and cultural humility seminars across the enterprise. Additional opportunities to engage in diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism may also be available and will be strongly encouraged.

The Nemours Children's Division of Psychology includes 8 pediatric psychologists, 2 neuropsychologists, and 2 research psychologists. The Division of Psychology is part of the Department of Pediatrics and works closely with the Divisions of Neurology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, Endocrinology, Anesthesiology and Pulmonology. Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville operates in three locations in the greater Jacksonville area and is partnered with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, an inpatient pediatric hospital for consultation-liaison services. Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville has developed a first of its kind Animal Assisted Therapy program (ADAPT) incorporating dogs and mini horses into our therapy sessions with providers who have earned post graduate certification.

The Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville downtown location is on the banks of the St. John’s River and 20 minutes from the Atlantic beaches. Jacksonville is a vibrant city (population >1 million) in the northeast corner of Florida. Jacksonville boasts several unique and affordable neighborhoods perfectly suited for young professionals, couples and families. It operates the largest urban park system in the country. Jacksonville offers a multitude of dining, cultural and nightlife options, and hosts seven professional sports teams. Jacksonville is located within easy access to many diverse nature and wildlife settings for hiking, canoeing, camping and other outdoor activities.


Psychology Fellowship Overview

Learn more about the psychology fellowships at Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville.


For all positions, the deadline for applications is December 31, 2023. All interviews will be held virtually starting in mid January, 2024. Applicants are invited to apply for one or more positions. Documentation for all positions should be submitted to Lisa Schilling, PhD, ABPP

For all positions please include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter specifying your interest in the positions described below. In addition, please comment on your anticipated schedule for dissertation completion.
  • 2 letters of recommendation; at least one from a direct clinical supervisor

Pediatric Psychology/Clinical Fellowship — 2 positions:

These positions will involve primary participation in the 3 major rotations described below (Consultation/Liaison, Oncology, and Integrated Pain and Wellness). Additional minor rotation involvement will be determined based on fellow’s interests and patient needs. Fellowships are 1 year in duration, with the potential offer of a second year in most cases.

Pediatric Psychology Major Rotations

Pediatric Inpatient Consultation-Liaison
The inpatient consultation-liaison service is provided by Nemours psychology faculty and fellows at our partner hospital, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, located next to our clinic and connected by a pedestrian bridge. The Fellow will provide evaluation and treatment to children presenting with complex medical conditions to address adjustment issues, compliance with treatment plan, pain management, depression and anxiety, and potential functional component to symptoms. The Fellow will work closely with medical faculty and staff in all specialty areas, including General Pediatrics, to provide psychological evaluation, efficient written communication and coordination with members of the medical team. This service will be coordinated by the Fellow once initial training is complete. Our service focuses on pediatric psychology cases and does not include ED, acute trauma or Psychiatry inpatient services.
Supervisors: All psychologists supervise the consultation-liaison service at various times.

Pediatric Oncology

The Fellow will be a member of the multidisciplinary oncology team and will provide inpatient and outpatient evaluation and therapy, as well as neurocognitive evaluation, for oncology patients currently in treatment and those referred through our Survivorship Clinic. This Fellow will work with children with all oncology diagnoses, including brain tumors, leukemias, solid tumors, etc., and with children undergoing bone marrow transplant; therapy services are also offered for siblings with adjustment issues. Participation in weekly Patient Planning, Tumor Board, Comprehensive Neuro-Oncology Clinic and Psychosocial Rounds will be part of this experience.
Supervisor: Lisa Schilling, PhD, ABPP

Integrated Pain and Wellness

This rotation offers training within the Integrated Pain and Wellness Program, an interdisciplinary outpatient pediatric chronic pain clinic. Physicians, psychologists, medical assistants and physical therapists work together on an interdisciplinary team. This position primarily involves outpatient clinical work treating youth with a wide range of chronic pain conditions including (but not limited to) headaches, abdominal pain, postconcussive syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome, autonomic disorders and generalized pain. Clinical activities include interdisciplinary intake evaluations; outpatient therapy with a focus on cognitive behavioral, acceptance and family systems approaches; and collaboration with schools and other providers.
Supervisor: Amanda S. Lochrie, PhD, ABPP

Specialized Pediatric Psychology Training (minor rotations)

While both fellows will have the primary training opportunities described above, in order to provide a well-rounded experience, we also offer additional experiences in the following areas (these will be scheduled at the start of the fellowship year based on supervisor availability and fellow interest):

1. Gastrointestinal/Continence Specialty

The fellow will provide evaluation and treatment for children experiencing gastrointestinal conditions such as functional abdominal pain, inflammatory bowel disease and enuresis/encopresis. The fellow may also participate in interdisciplinary IBD clinic.
Supervisors: Shana Boyle, PhD and Lisa M. Buckloh, PhD

2. Sleep Clinical Specialty

The fellow will gain experience in evaluation and treatment of behavioral sleep disorders in children and adolescents, including insomnia/sleep-onset problems, frequent night awakenings, bedtime resistance, C-PAP therapy nonadherence, nighttime fears/anxiety, delayed sleep-wake phase and sleep terrors/parasomnias. The fellow will gain experience with consultation, intervention, and collaboration with the neurologists who specialize in sleep medicine.
Supervisors: Holly Antal, PhD, ABPP and Margaux Barnes, PhD

3. Neurology Specialty

The fellow will provide evaluation and treatment for concerns such as adjustment to concussion, adjustment to epilepsy and tic disorders. The fellow will get in-depth experience treating tic disorders via Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT).
Supervisors: Shana Boyle, PhD; Margaux Barnes, PhD; Lisa M. Buckloh, PhD

4. Endocrinology Specialty

The fellow will gain C/L experiences (DKA and new onset diabetes) in the inpatient setting, as well as outpatient therapy experiences for youth presenting with adherence or coping concerns associated with diabetes or other chronic illness (e.g., hypothyroidism, precocious puberty, obesity). Volunteer and community-based experiences (e.g., diabetes camp) are also available.
Supervisor: Nicole Kahhan, PhD

5. Gender Wellness Specialty

This experience will focus on specialized assessment, consultation, and intervention for children and adolescents who identify as transgender or gender diverse (TGD) utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach.
Supervisor: Lisa M. Buckloh, PhD

Salary & Benefits




  • Medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Dental
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Employee resources for living
  • Free parking on site

Fellows enjoy a generous leave policy of 27 days of paid time off, in addition to holidays. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including an educational stipend for conferences, workshops and licensure study materials.

About Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville

Located downtown on the beautiful St. Johns River, Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville is an outpatient pediatric clinic that provides specialized care for children in Northeast Florida, Southeast Georgia and beyond. We also see patients at the adjacent Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

This is a daytime view of the Nemours Children's building in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

Premier Pediatric Collaboration

Your consultation/liaison training is provided through a seamless, time-tested affiliation between Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville and Wolfson Children's Hospital. Wolfson is the only tertiary referral children’s hospital in the Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia region. The 250-bed facility is staffed by Nemours attendings in all pediatric specialties.

Medical residency training is provided through affiliations with the University of Florida, Jacksonville and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Fellowships are also offered in the following medical specialties: Hematology/Oncology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology. The video below is designed for medical residencies/fellowships, but will provide a look at our affiliated hospital. Watch until the end for some great video of the benefits of life in northeast Florida.

Learn More About Wolfson Children's

Train With Recognized Leaders

If you’re looking for a rewarding program built on academic excellence and family-centered care, Nemours offers outstanding medical, surgical, pharmacy, nursing, therapy and psychology programs. Train with faculty who are respected leaders in their fields, a patient care model that stands apart and access to groundbreaking research. 

Meet Our Clinical Leadership

Lisa M. Schilling, PhD, ABPP

PhD: Indiana University — Clinical Psychology
Internship: University of Florida (pediatric psychology)
Fellowship: University of Florida (pediatric psychology)
Leadership: Director of Fellowship Training
Clinical Interests: Oncology, brain tumors, bone marrow transplant, Multidisciplinary Neuro-Oncology Clinic, Animal Assisted Therapy


Amanda Lochrie, PhD, ABPP

PhD: University of Kansas — Clinical Child Psychology Program
Internship: University of Florida (pediatric psychology)
Fellowship: Nemours, Jacksonville (pediatric psychology)
Leadership: Division Chief, Nemours Division of Psychology
Areas of Specialization: Multidisciplinary chronic pain management clinic, weight management

Meet Our Program Faculty

Holly Antal, PhD, ABPP

PhD: University of Southern Mississippi — Clinical Child Psychology Program
Internship: University of Louisville School of Medicine (pediatric psychology)
Fellowship: Nemours, Jacksonville (pediatric psychology)
Leadership: Community Liaison
Areas of Specialization: Pediatric sleep problems, food allergies/aversion, sports medicine


Margaux Barnes, PhD

PhD: University of Alabama at Birmingham — Psychology
Internship: University of Alabama at Birmingham — Clinical Psychology
Fellowship: University of Alabama at Birmingham — Adolescent Health
Areas of Specialization: Cystic fibrosis, sleep medicine, gastrointestinal diseases and tic disorders.


Shana Boyle, PhD

PhD: University of Florida — Child Psychology Program
Internship: Nemours Children's Hospital, Delaware (pediatric psychology)
Fellowship: Nemours Children's Hospital, Delaware (pediatric psychology)
Leadership: Section Chief of pediatric psychology at Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Areas of Specialization: GI concerns, tics and cleft/craniofacial conditions


Lisa M. Buckloh, PhD

PhD: University of Kansas — Clinical Child Psychology Program
Internship: University of Florida (pediatric psychology)
Fellowship: Nemours, Jacksonville (pediatric psychology)
Leadership: Adolescent Wellness
Areas of Specialization: Adolescent wellness, incontinence, GI problems and tics


Sabrina Gretkierewicz, PhD

PhD: Louisiana State University — Clinical Child Psychology Emphasis
Internship: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (pediatric psychology)
Fellowship: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (pediatric psychology)
Areas of Specialization: Cystic fibrosis, diabetes, adolescent wellness


Nicole Kahhan, PhD

Ph.D.: University of Florida — Clinical Psychology Program
Internship: University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development
Patient Experiences Clinician Liaison; Research Collaborator — Center for Healthcare Delivery Science
Areas of Interest: Endocrinology, Disorders of Brain Gut Interaction, Animal Assisted Therapy, Health Equity, Parenting Interventions in Pediatric Psychology


Apply Today

Application Requirements

Deadline: December 31, 2023

1. Curriculum vitae

2. Letter of interest specifying your interest and experience in the major rotation experiences described above. Please also summarize your minor rotation clinical interests.

3. Two letters of recommendation; at least one from a direct clinical supervisor

4. Letter from dissertation chair indicating status of dissertation defense or other relative degree requirements by start of fellowship

Please contact training director with any questions. All documentation should be submitted via email to:

Robin Allerding
GME Education Coordinator

Applicants must have completed all degree requirements for their PhD/PsyD and a predoctoral internship from programs accredited by the American Psychological Association by September 2023. If the applicants’ degree is not conferred by this deadline, a letter from the graduate program’s Director of Clinical Training is sufficient.

We are committed to equity, accessibility and the safety of our applicants. Therefore, all interviews will be virtual. Interviews will be held from mid January through early February.

Questions About Applying?

Elizabeth “Lisa” M. Schilling, PhD, ABPP
Division of Psychology, Department of Pediatrics