Medical Staff Services

Medical Staff Policies and Procedures

Obtain access to Medical Staff Policies and Procedures, Bylaws, and key medical and administrative leaders provided by the Medical Staff Services Department and the Medical Executive Committee. All members of the medical staff are encouraged to complete the Medical Staff Orientation Program and review the various forms and policies.

Christina Elorriaga, MBA, CPMSM, CPCS

Director, Medical & Professional Staff Services
Nemours Children's Hospital, Florida
Phone: (321) 558-0296

Karen Marino

Director, Medical & Professional Staff Services
Nemours Children's Hospital, Delaware
Phone: (302) 651-6708

Mary Ellen Orner, CPMSM, CPCS

Director, Credentialing Verification Office
Phone: (302) 651-5938


Medical Staff Orientation Supplemental Materials


  • Medical Staff Organizational Chart
  • Code of Conduct
  • Signs & Symptoms of Impairment
  • Pain Assessment


Point of Care Testing Orientation

To Doctors

Your core privileges at the Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware include one or more point-of-care testing procedures. Your clinical competence to perform these procedures was evaluated at the time of initial appointment and granting of clinical privileges.

Your competency to maintain these privileges will be evaluated at the time of your reappointment and renewal of privileges. In order to comply with various accreditation standards, you must be oriented to N/AIDHC’s processes for point-of-care testing.

Please read the material below and complete the Test Procedure Form and return it to the Medical Staff Services Department at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware. This documentation will be maintained in your credentials file as evidence of your orientation to our Point-of-Care Testing procedures.

  • Urine Dipstick
  • Occult Blood
  • Ph Strips
  • Rapid Strep
  • Urine hCG
  • Physical Performed Microscopy Procedure

Credentialing Standards

Credentialing Standards

Membership on the medical staff shall be limited to professionally competent physicians who meet, and continue to meet, the specific requirements in education and training, licensure and demonstration of the provision of a high quality of care.

  • Education & Training
  • Licensure
  • High Quality of Care


Credentialing Application Requests & Information

Medical Staff and Professional Services:


Nemours Children's Health, Delaware (302) 651-6708

Nemours Children's Health, Florida (407) 650-7647

Credentialing Application Requests and Information Contact:


Michelle Arnold

Office Coordinator

(302) 298-7477

Policy-Tech & Remote Access

Medical Staff Service Policies & Procedures


In Nemours PolicyTech, you can view and print virtually every policy affecting your work. These documents are in Microsoft Word or PDF formats and can be found using keyword or other search criteria.


PolicyTech Instructions


From NemoursNet, select the PolicyTech icon on the right side of the homepage. The search feature is available at the top of the page, to search for policies and/or procedures.

If you are a member of the Community Medical Staff or lack intranet access from your location, you will need to log in remotely through Connect2 to access Nemours' applications. Go to Connect2.

Please contact the Medical Staff Services department for login issues at

(302) 651-5608.


Remote Access to Clinical Applications


Remote access to certain clinical information is available for all active members of the medical staff through our intranet, NemoursNet.

Accessible applications include:

  • Nemours University (training site for EPIC)
  • EPIC
  • E-Scription
  • ISite PACS (Radiology)
  • Epic Web