Spine and Pelvis Alignment in the Normal Growing Spine

Clinical Trial

Offered by: Nemours
Location: Delaware Valley

What is the trial about?

We want to identify the shape of the spine in children before the end of the growth spurt.

Who can participate?

Anyone who had an X-ray of the spine done at Nemours between the ages of 1 and 18 years can be in the study. If your child has severe spinal diseases, your child can't participate in this study.

What is involved?

Approximately 150-200 children will be in this study. We will contact patients to determine if they want to participate in the study. If agreement for participation in the study is provided, each visit will include the following:

  • obtain permission to access X-rays from a normal clinical visit to measure angles on the spine
  • questionnaire about current spine status

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Trial Name: Sagittal Spino-Pelvic Alignment in the Normal Growing Spine: Prospective Follow Up

Contact Information

(800) 354-5690