Leadership in Redefining Children’s Health

Nemours Children’s is on a continuous quest for innovation. We’re champions of children — their advocates and their bodyguards. That’s why we want to change the way America cares for its children.

Nemours philosophy has always included a commitment to supporting the whole child. Founder Alfred I. duPont, an avid inventor and supporter of medical research, made sure the hospital provided age-appropriate schooling and activities. He also believed in the importance of nature and light in healing, elements incorporated in our hospitals and outpatient clinics to this day.

Our current president and CEO, Dr. Larry Moss, has kept this legacy alive. Dr. Moss is a thought leader in understanding, redefining and transforming children’s health. He regularly writes white papers, leads presentations and educates other children’s health care leaders.

Thought Leadership

Improving the health and wellness of children today improves the quality of life for generations. Our Beyond Medicine platform supports holistic children’s health. We seek to deepen our understanding of how social, behavioral and economic factors affect children’s wellness. When we understand this link, we can make targeted, impactful changes to our health care system.

Research and Case Studies in Children’s Health Care

Our leadership teams research, strategize and present case studies that highlight how we can transform children’s health care.

Learn more about our research and strategies.


Transitioning models of care

Rather than using old pay-for-sickness models of care, we’re transitioning to pay-for-health approaches. To do so, we must shift from a reactionary stance to a proactive one — aiming to prevent children from having health problems altogether.

Find out more about addressing social drivers through pediatric value-based care models [PDF].


Adapting business models

As a country, we spend millions on health care — but we’re not always seeing the return on that investment. In fact, only about 15% of a child’s overall health can be attributed to what happens in a medical setting.

Find out more about adapting business models to address social determinants of health [PDF].


Investing in children to transform the economy

When we invest in the health and well-being of children, we yield massive returns. Improving children’s health doesn’t just impact the here and now, it builds a generation of healthy adults who grow and transform the economy.

Learn more about how children can transform the economy and health care [PDF].


Addressing racial health disparities

Racial health disparities have always represented an important social determinant of health — for children and adults. During the COVID-19 pandemic, those gaps only widened. Children’s hospitals hold the key to removing disparities for the health and well-being of all children.

Read more about America Without Limits [PDF].

Transforming Health Care Through Policy Reform

To fully transform health care for children, we must create changes on a structural and national level.

We have joined a partnership that calls on the current administration to create a coordinated, national strategy to improve children’s health.

Learn more about the White House Office on Children and Youth.

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