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girl patient in harness walking next to therapist


Nemours "Contagious" Campaign

The Nemours “Contagious” Campaign is a transition campaign inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its role is to evolve the voice of our organization in a bold and relevant manner. This campaign allows us to explore all the ways that Nemours is ready and addressing the challenges our patients and families are facing during this unprecedented time.

Tier 1: “A Different Kind of Contagious” — Brand Awareness

Our Tier 1 messaging leverages a multichannel media strategy to build awareness of Nemours Children’s Health System and focus on the key message that Nemours has been and always will be there for caregivers and their children.


Landing Page

sample web page shown on a lap top

Social Media

smiling child laying in a hospital bed
small boy using therapy bar for walking exercise alongside a care provider


smiling child with care provider wearing a mask
mother and child speaking with care provider on the computer


smiling child laying in hospital bed

Tier 2: “We Are Ready” — Conversion/Increase Patient Volumes 

Our Tier 2 messaging is designed to increase patient volume growth, both with new and existing patients that may be confused about accessing care for their child. This messaging is delivered utilizing highly segmented digital strategies to meet people where they are searching for care.


Delaware Valley

Radio — 15 seconds (Download MP3)  |  Radio — 30 seconds (Download MP3)   

Jacksonville & Pensacola

Radio — 15 seconds (Download MP3)  |  Radio — 30 seconds (Download MP3)    


Radio — 15 seconds (Download MP3)  |  Radio — 30 seconds (Download MP3)   


Social Media


mother sitting with small child on the couch visiting with provider on a tablet