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Contact dermatitis is a reaction to a substance that touches the skin. This can be an irritation or an allergy. In children, common causes include soaps, detergents, lotions or medicines. Some metals, preservatives and plants like poison ivy can also cause it. Certain foods can too. 

A child with contact dermatitis might have a red, itchy rash. Dry, cracked and scaly skin can also happen. Some kids have blisters and bumps that ooze or crust over. Nemours Children's doctors know that contact dermatitis can be painful. We help find the cause and relieve your child’s symptoms, fast. 

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Treatment for Contact Dermatitis at Nemours

Contact dermatitis symptoms can look like other conditions. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced doctor evaluate your child. 

Nemours pediatric specialists are experts in skin conditions. Our goal is to get your child feeling better as soon as possible. We may use medicines and tell you how to manage your child’s condition at home. If we think your child has an allergy, we may also recommend tests like skin tests or blood tests.  

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