Eczema causes a child’s skin to get irritated, red, dry, bumpy and itchy. The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis.  

When a child’s skin is red and sore, it’s hard for them to feel comfortable. But eczema is fairly common, and we’ve seen a lot of it. Our doctors are experienced in helping kids feel better and parents feel confident about keeping their child’s eczema in check.   

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Treatment for Eczema at Nemours Children's

Our pediatricians and pediatric specialists will take the time to work closely with you and your child to create the right care plan. We may perform different tests, like skin tests, food challenges and blood tests.  

We’ll explore family medical history, since eczema may be partly genetic. That means it can be passed on from parents to children. We’ll help you find things in your home that may trigger eczema. We’ll also talk about your child’s diet and medicines that may help.