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Resources for Nemours Associates

Resources for Living

(855) 506-2373, Tty:711 

Palliative Care Team in Delaware

Phone: (302) 651-4863

Pastoral Care Team in Florida

Phone: (407) 473-5667

Peer Support Program

Phone: (833) 921-1244

Chief Residents in Delaware

Phone: (302) 476-5439


Online Resources and Compassion Practice


Compassion Intention for Caregivers, Sharon Salzberg

May I find the inner resources to be able to give to others and receive myself.

May I offer love, knowing I can’t control the course of life, suffering or death.

I care about your pain, yet cannot control it.

May I see you as I wish to be seen, as big as life itself,

so much more than your need or pain.


Suggested Practices for Coping with Stress

Breathe: Take several deep breaths.

Self-Care: Go for a walk/run or go to the gym; Drink Plenty of Water. Pay attention to your health and have a good diet. Get adequate sleep.

Self-Talk: “I am OK – I can do it- I did a good job.”

Visualization: A peaceful place, an inspiring person

Have Some Alone Time: Allow yourself alone time to process your thoughts.

Share Your Feelings: Talk to a friend or write your feelings down in a journal.

Devotional Moment: Prayer, remembrance, mediation or relaxation response.


Nemours Wellbeing 365

Immediate Access Support Line for Physicians and Clinicians

As physicians and advanced practitioners on the front lines, we face more closely than anyone the incredible demands and challenges of this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

We can find ourselves stretched, exhausted, and at times anxious and confused.
At a time like this, we need trusted companions with whom we can process our unique experiences and gain the support and perspective needed to continue to care for our ourselves, our families, our patients, each other, and our community.

A team of dedicated professionals who offer confidential help for mental health, coaching, or just as somebody to listen, are available to you 24/7/365 days a year. In addition, you can take advantage of a up to three telehealth therapy sessions with a licensed psychologist at a significantly reduced rate of only $45 per appointment. (To schedule an appointment, call the Immediate Access Line or call Dr. Paolini directly—Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm—at (407) 212-7502.

You are there for so many people. This is here for you!

(407) 457-7687