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Pastoral Care Team

Florida: (407) 650-7847
Delaware: (302) 521-6157

Peer Support Program

Phone: (833) 921-1244

Other Resources:

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Online Resources and Compassion Practice

Compassion Intention for Caregivers, Sharon Salzberg

May I find the inner resources to be able to give to others and receive myself.
May I offer love, knowing I can’t control the course of life, suffering or death.
I care about your pain, yet cannot control it.
May I see you as I wish to be seen, as big as life itself,
so much more than your need or pain.

Suggested Practices for Coping With Stress

Breathe: Take several deep breaths.
Self-Care: Go for a walk/run or go to the gym; Drink Plenty of Water. Pay attention to your health and have a good diet. Get adequate sleep.
Self-Talk: “I am OK – I can do it- I did a good job.”
Visualization: A peaceful place, an inspiring person
Have Some Alone Time: Allow yourself alone time to process your thoughts.
Share Your Feelings: Talk to a friend or write your feelings down in a journal.
Devotional Moment: Prayer, remembrance, mediation or relaxation response.