Your health is your promise — and Nemours is committed to supporting you and your family in achieving greater health and well-being.

Led by the Nemours Health & Wellness team, the YOURHealth program represents Nemours’ commitment to assisting our Associates in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Comprised of three areas — Employee Health, Wellness and Fitness — YOURHealth is a holistic approach to support a variety of needs Associates may have on their journey to achieving optimal health including physical, emotional and social health.

Nemours Wellness Incentive Program

Enhance YOURHealth and Decrease Your Medical Expenses

Programming and support for YOURHealth includes a comprehensive and informative website, lifestyle health coaching, informative wellness workshops, helpful programs and fun challenges, as well as programs designed to support your family’s health. By participating in the YOURHealth program, Associates also have the opportunity to receive a 20 percent reduction in payroll contributions for medical coverage.

At Nemours, we know that healthier Associates are more engaged and prepared for the day-to-day challenges we face in a demanding health care environment, resulting in greater satisfaction for our patients, their families and themselves.

How to Qualify for the Incentive

Step 1: Take the Well Being Assessment (required) 10 Points

Step 2: Complete a Biometric Screening (required) 15 Points

Step 3: Earn 70+ Points by Completing Your Choice of Activities
GetMoving: Fitbit or Device (steps)     1 point per week
GetMoving: Self Entry     1 point per week  
Onsite Fitness Centers     5 points per month
Preventive Exam 1     5 points
Preventive Exam 2     5 points
Preventive Exam 3     5 points
Dental Exam     5 points
Community Wellness Events     5 points
Volunteer     5 points
Work Place Health Fair     5 points
Health Cooking Classes     10 points
Well Being Assessment     10 points
Healthy Biometrics Bonus     up to 15 points
Walk Your Way to 100!     20 points
Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less     20 points
MeQuilibrium     20 points
Tobacco Free or Commit Quit     20 points
Tour de Nemours     22 points
Health Coaching Lifestyle or Health Mgmt     25 points


Equals 20% Reduction in Payroll Contributions for Medical Coverage

Remember, participation in the wellness program is completely voluntary and will have no effect on your employment. Information you share in the health assessment is kept confidential — Nemours will not receive information about your individual assessment.