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A gift of toys, games, books, or crafts can do wonders to brighten a child’s life while they are in the hospital or clinic waiting room. Our Child Life programs at Nemours offer activities designed to help children cope with their hospital stay.

Child Life specialists in our hospitals are trained to work with children who have serious illness or are recovering from surgery — often using toys, games, and crafts to allow them to express their fears and hopes and regain a sense of mastery and control.

New, cuddly stuffed animals, hand-held video games, books, and music CDs can help to pass the time and provide a distraction from the hospital routine or clinic visit.  


Child Life Program in Wilmington

The Child Life Program at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware is pleased to accept donated items. Donations may be left at the front desk in the main lobby of the Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware, or at a Nemours clinic. Your name and address must be included with your donation, or you may complete and attach this printable form (PDF).

Please remember:
  • only new toys and stuffed animals can be accepted
  • please avoid toys for infants and toddlers that have small or sharp pieces, or fall apart easily
  • please avoid cloth toys, as they cannot be cleaned
  • all food items must be store bought (not homemade) and in original packaging
  • all items must be latex-free
  • gently used DVDs, music CDs, PlayStation III and Wii games can be donated
  • please respect the beliefs of our patients by not donating religious or political items

Contact Child Life Program

Phone: (302) 298-7047


Make a Gift or Donation

Due to COVID-19, our Toy Drive will be virtual this year, and we need your help.

As you might expect, the pandemic is making it challenging to bring smiles to the faces of the children in our hospital. In past years, we've relied on toy drives to pass along donated toys and games to the kids in our care. But to keep our patients, families, staff — and you — safe and healthy, we've made our toy drive virtual this year.

Please consider making a financial donation to our drive, we've even created an option for groups to give together — on our Virtual Toy Drive  page, you'll see options to create a fundraising team or give to an existing fundraising team.

Thank you so much for supporting our kids in the past with donations of toys and games. And thanks in advance for any assistance you can give this year.

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Contact Child Life Program
Emily Bradley

Lead Child Life Specialist
Patient & Family-Centered Care
(407) 567-6413

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