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“We are very thankful for the help and care at Nemours as we begin our new lives in Jacksonville.”

– Charisse's mom

Read Charisse's story about being treated for cystic fibrosis at Nemours.

Moving to a different country with two young children is difficult under the best of circumstances. Add to that a severely sick child, and it’s easy to see how insurmountable the challenge may seem. Sometimes it takes a little help to get things moving in the right direction.

When we first met Charisse’s family, they had just moved from Zimbabwe to Jacksonville, Florida. Charisse was 3 years old and malnourished and weak from an extended illness and needed advanced hospital care.

Charisse was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis which had seriously affected her ability to breathe and properly digest nutrients. After leaving the hospital, her parents were faced with the realities of regular doctor visits and ongoing treatments to manage her lifelong, life-changing condition.

Being new to the area, her father was still looking for work and the family didn’t have a car or basic supplies. Her mother was also expecting their third child. The whole situation was tenuous.

Thankfully, we were able to help. Their social worker helped them apply for the Nemours Patient and Family Support Fund, which provides assistance for families in need of a hand up. For Charisse’s family, this meant grocery store gift cards and taxi rides to Charisse’s Nemours specialist appointments.

With this small boost, the family found their footing and overcame. Today, Charisse is full of smiles and the family is grateful for the kindness of their community. “We are very thankful for the help and care at Nemours as we begin our new lives in Jacksonville,” says Charisse’s mom.

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