Gifts of Stock and Mutual Funds

A stock gift is truly an investment that pays its dividends in giving children healthier futures. Your gift of stock or appreciated securities can provide much-needed support for patient care, biomedical research, or health and education initiatives at Nemours, while at the same time offering significant tax benefits to you.

Benefits of Giving Stock

Benefits to You

  • You receive an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the appreciated securities that you have held long-term (longer than one year) on the date of transfer.
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the securities you donate.
  • You can direct your gift to a specific fund or purpose.
  • You have the satisfaction of making a significant gift now or funding a life-income gift that benefits Nemours later.
How to Donate Stock

Steps for Donating Stock

You transfer stocks or securities to Nemours. Then Nemours sells your stocks or securities and uses the proceeds for its programs. The Nemours Fund for Children's Health appreciates your generosity in support of children's health. Thank you for your contributions of stock.

1. Contact The Nemours Fund for Children's Health

Call (302) 651-4828 or (888) 494-5251.

Provide the following information:
  • your name
  • designation of gift: the area of the organization that you want
    your gift to benefit
  • name and phone number of your broker
  • name of stock being transferred and the number of shares

2. Contact Your Broker

Instruct your broker to transfer stock to:

The Northern Trust Company via DTC #2669
to Account #26-25255 for credit to Nemours

Northern Trust Contacts

Primary Contact
Yudan Zhou

2nd Vice President
Not-for-Profit Senior Client
Service Manager
The Northern Trust Company
333 S. Wabash, WB-42
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Phone: (312) 557-9342
Fax: (312) 557-2673

Secondary Contact
Bob Johnson

Senior Vice President
Not-for-Profit Client Executive
The Northern Trust Company
333 S. Wabash, WB-42
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Phone: (312) 630-8091
Fax: (312) 557-2673

How to Donate Mutual Funds

Steps for Donating Mutual Funds

These procedures typically take from two to four weeks to complete. We urge donors to allow ample time to complete a charitable gift of mutual fund shares. This is particularly important for gifts made at year end. We recommend beginning the transfer in November to ensure completion prior to December 31.

Step 1.

The donor should contact their account representative at the mutual fund company to ask about the process of making a gift of mutual fund shares. Specifically, the donor will want to know whether the mutual fund company has a required form or instructions to initiate the transfer, and whether those instructions will require a medallion signature guarantee.

Step 2.

The donor should notify the Nemours Fund for Children’s Health of their interest in making a gift of mutual fund shares. Please provide the following information:

  • donor name
  • donor phone number
  • mutual fund name
  • mutual fund ticker
  • number of shares
  • donor’s custodian/broker/bank name
  • account number at custodian/broker/bank
  • contact number at custodian/broker/bank

By their nature, mutual funds generally are transferred through a change of ownership on the issuer’s books. Unlike regular stock gifts, they cannot be transferred through the DTC system. Northern Trust will open a temporary account with the mutual fund company in Nemours' name in order to accept the gift and complete the re-registration process.

Step 3.

With the information provided in step 2, Nemours will send a Mutual Fund Donation Direction Letter to Northern Trust who will complete the shell account setups and provide the delivery instructions to us to pass along to the donor. In the event the donor’s bank reaches out to Northern Trust directly, they will send the delivery instructions to them after they complete the initial setups.

Step 4.

Once we confirm with the donor that a new account is being established for the purpose of accepting the gift, then and only then should the donor instruct the mutual fund company to transfer the shares to our account.

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Nemours Fund for Children's Health Contacts

Primary Contact
Cathy Allen

Sr. Donor Relations Coordinator
Phone: (302) 588-6597
Fax: (302) 651-4487

Secondary Contact
Amber Combs

Sr. Donor Relations Coordinator
Phone: (302) 298-7559
Fax: (302) 651-4487

How to Give to Nemours

Increase the Impact of Your Gift

You can double or even triple your contribution with a matching gift
from your employer. See if your employer has a matching gift program »