Sharing Student Health Records With School Nurses

Student Health Collaboration

Student Health Collaboration in Delaware

Nemours Children's makes it easier for Delaware school nurses to be a part of your child’s care team with our Student Health Collaboration (SHC) program.

Using our secure, Web-based electronic medical records system, Nemours Link, a school nurse can see your child’s plan of care and information on almost every visit to Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware or a Nemours Children's Health location in Delaware. They can only view records if you, as a parent or guardian, have signed an authorization form allowing them to do so.

Examples of what school nurses can see:

  • Current medications
  • Diagnosis information
  • Treatment plans
  • Care instructions after an injury, illness, surgery or hospitalization

Sharing records allows school nurses to achieve the best, safest care possible for your student. Access to these electronic health records is through a secure system that allows approved community health professionals a read-only view into medical records.

Requesting a Nemours Link Account

Request a new user account by going to the User Agreement.


Additional Resources

Nemours Student Health Collaboration Implementation Guide

How Nemours Link Can Help Students

See How the Student Health Collaboration Has Helped Area Students

Read stories about how Delaware students and families benefited from having the Student Health Collaboration available in their schools via Nemours Link, an internet-based tool that provides community providers and school nurses with a read-only view into student records.


"The Best Year Ever"

A new student was having health trouble at school. A quick evaluation determined that he needed to go to the emergency department. Upon discharge and the student’s return to school, the school team met with his community treatment team to develop a plan to meet his health needs and to put him on a track to graduate with his peers. The school nurse was able to review his medication changes through Nemours Link and help him manage his medications while at school.


The nurse was also able to help with transportation to his doctors’ visits from school. The student’s mother and the school nurse communicated via text messages. The nurse continues to work with this student and his family to manage his complex health needs and coordinate his care. The mother recently said it was “the best year ever” in managing her son’s health care, and that the communication with all parties was extremely helpful.


Coordinated Diabetes Care and Education

I am an avid Nemours Link user. I recently enrolled a 4-year-old with type 1 diabetes. The parents are new to the disease. Knowing that I could have access to his treatment plan was a huge relief to them. Mom actually let out a sigh of relief. Having access allows me to be a part of the care coordination and also participate in the educational aspect of the disease by following through on Nemours’ treatment plan.


Keeping Asthma Under Control

A student came to the nurse’s office during an asthma attack. It was the beginning of the school year, and not only was there no asthma action plan in place, the school nurse didn’t know the student had asthma. After the initial crisis, the school nurse contacted the student’s mother, who completed the Nemours Link consent form.

Using Nemours Link and communication with both the mother and the physician, the school nurse worked with the student during the whole school year to help manage his asthma — including taking some medication at school. Through education and support, the team was able to keep the student’s asthma in good control and minimize future exacerbations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Nemours Link?

Nemours has a strong interest in improving the delivery and coordination of health care to children. As part of this effort, Nemours has developed Nemours Link, which provides community-based primary care providers (PCPs), referring providers and school nurses secure electronic access to select portions of their patients’ medical records.

Nemours Link is a confidential, easy-to-use Internet-based tool that can be used by our community providers and school nurses from their offices. Nemours Link allows school nurses a read-only view into the student’s records.

Which records can a participating school nurse see?

With Nemours Link, participating school nurses can see a written record of most things that happen when a Nemours provider treats a child.

For example, the school nurse can see:

  • Notes from the doctor (including letters indicating if your child needs to miss school or physical education class)
  • Treatment plans (for conditions from allergies and asthma to heart conditions and recent infections)
  • Medicines and how to use them
  • Lab and imaging reports

For enhanced privacy, the nurse can’t see any records from behavioral health/psychology and psychiatry visits or adolescent well visits.

How is a student's private medical information protected?

Before anyone can see a child’s health record, parents have to sign an authorization form and return it to the school nurse or a Nemours provider. This allows approved school nurses to see a child’s medical record. For additional safety, Nemours keeps track of everyone who uses our records system — and what they view.

How long will a student’s consent form be valid?

The consent form states that the permission will expire on August 15 of the current school year, unless otherwise specified. As with other Nemours consents, these are renewed annually.

How does a family sign up?

If a child is a Nemours patient and a student in a Delaware school, the family can either be enrolled by the school nurse or the student’s clinical provider. The family will need to verify that the school nurse is participating in this program and has access to Nemours Link.

Does a family have to participate if their school is participating?

Not at all — it’s completely up to families to decide whether or not to participate. If you’re interested, just ask your child’s school nurse or Nemours provider for a Student Health Collaboration authorization form.

Why should families sign up?

The more school nurses know, the more they can do to help. Nemours Link connects them to information from the Nemours experts who care for your children. Please note that family input is very important. Families should stay in touch with the school nurse. Tell him or her right away if a child’s condition(s), care plan, diagnosis or medicine changes.

Is there any cost associated with participating?

No, the Student Health Collaboration is completely free to join. For schools, there might be costs involved with updates to computer systems, such as Web browsers or access lines.

Which schools currently participate?

A wide range of schools are currently taking part in our program, with more on the way. As of now, our record-sharing program is only available in Delaware schools, but we hope to expand the program in the future. All Delaware public school districts are participating in this program, with some charter, private and parochial schools also involved. Since each school nurse can chose whether or not they want this resource, participation is ongoing. Check with your school nurse to determine if he/she is a Nemours Link user.

How can a Delaware school join the Student Health Collaboration?

If a school is not already enrolled in the program, the next steps are for the superintendent/principal and school nurse to complete the:

1. Partner Agreement Form

2. User Agreement Form to access Nemours’ medical records. Note that the user must be a licensed registered nurse

Both the Partner Agreement and User Agreement provide an acknowledgment of responsibilities under state and federal privacy laws and regulations including, but not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Once these steps are completed and authentication is confirmed, the school will receive written notification that access to Nemours’ medical records has been granted. If you’re a school nurse or school personnel and have questions about the Partner or User Agreement, contact Nemours Health Informatics at (800) 650-7344.

Is the Student Health Collaboration available for schools outside of Delaware?

This initiative is currently only available in the state of Delaware. We are exploring expanding this program into other states. Please check back for updates.

What are the computer system requirements for schools?

The hardware and operating system minimum service requirements are:

  • Pentium II @ 233 MHz with 128 MB of RAM
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (Apple/Macintosh doesn’t support all functionality.)
  • 56K modem (A high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, T1 line) greatly improves Nemours Link performance and is, therefore, recommended.)

To use this web application, you must use one of the following browsers on Microsoft® Windows®:

Alternatively, you can use this Web application using Mac OS ® X with Mozilla Firefox™ version 3.0 or above.

Note: Beta or Release Candidates are not supported.

If your computer doesn’t meet the Minimum System Requirements outlined above, please contact your office’s computer support personnel for assistance with upgrading your computers.