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For more information about the costs of your child’s care or to receive a more accurate estimate.

Understanding Your Estimate

We are honored you are considering Nemours Children's for your child’s care. We are committed to providing your child with the best medical care possible. For your convenience, we offer you the opportunity to see estimated prices for some health care services at our facilities. The estimated cost is not a guarantee of insurance coverage or your total bill. Please check with your insurance company if you need help understanding your benefits for the service chosen.

We estimate the costs of your child’s care based on the procedure and your insurance benefits. We do our best to give you as accurate an estimate as possible. Your child is our top priority, and there are times when the procedure or service fees may change as your child's care changes. Your total out-of-pocket cost depends on many factors, such as your specific benefit and coverage information, as well as the specific services you receive. Many factors can affect the cost, and some cannot be calculated until after the procedure. (For example, the equipment, supplies and medicines used, or the length of time in surgery.)

The prices provided on this website are based on historical data and are an estimate of charges for the mentioned services. The final amount you owe may change or be different from the estimate provided.  The final bill you receive will reflect the charges for the services provided to you.

If your child needs follow-up care at Nemours, you may be asked to pay a deposit ahead of time. Please contact our Financial Advocates at (844) 551-2065 if you have questions.

If you have a Nemours app account, you may log in to receive a custom estimate.