Pediatric Heart Transplant Study (PHTS)

Clinical Trial

Offered by: Nemours Children's
Location: Delaware Valley

Trial Name

Pediatric Heart Transplant Study (PHTS)

What is the trial about?

The Pediatric Heart Transplant Study (PHTS) pools information from a large number of pediatric heart transplant centers into a single database to learn more about pediatric heart transplantation.

Who can participate?

Patients who are 17 years of age or younger and are listed for a heart transplant.

What is involved?

This study involves collecting information about each child's medical condition before and after cardiac transplantation to include in the PHTS registry. Each child will receive the usual post-transplant care. This study does not require any extra medical tests, visits, medicines or costs.

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Trial Name: Pediatric Heart Transplant Study (PHTS)

IRB# 492609

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