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Preventing Pain and Increasing Safety

The Nemours Children's anesthesia team help make procedures and surgeries easier. We have the experience and skill to control pain and calm children of all ages, even the tiniest newborns. We’re here before, during and after to help with a smooth, safe recovery.

Our team is highly trained in the newest methods and technologies made just for kids. This expertise means we use the right tools and can give the right medicines at the right time, including sedation when possible. It also means we can use the most effective doses with the fewest side effects.

We communicate with other specialists to arrange procedures or combine surgeries, so your child may need anesthesia less often. In some areas, we also offer services for kids with ongoing pain from medical conditions or treatments.

At Nemours, your child’s safety and comfort are our highest priorities.

Find Anesthesia Care From Nemours

We have many anesthesiology physicians and locations — find the care closest to you:

Trusted Anesthesiology Expertise for Babies, Children and Teens

As pediatric anesthesiologists, we’re qualified to reduce anxiety and prevent pain in kids of all ages. We have special expertise in helping children with complex health needs.


Number of times we give anesthetics, including sedation, each year


When we're available at our children's hospitals

We’re highly trained. Our anesthesiologists have training in pediatrics and anesthesiology. Some have trained in pediatric critical care.

We offer a range of pain relief methods. Our team chooses non-narcotic pain medicines after surgery when possible. We have many options that are safe and effective for kids.

We help kids go home sooner. We use the most effective medicines and precise doses. This may mean your child needs less time to recover from anesthesia and can get home faster.

We ease anxiety in kids, and families. We know it can be hard to handle any surgery or procedure, no matter how routine it may be. Our compassionate team calms and comforts your whole family.