Scheduled Video Visits

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Patient in a CareConnect Video Visit

Scheduled Video Visits

See a Nemours Provider From Home

If your child’s provider recommends it, you and your child can have a video visit from the comfort of your home using the Nemours app. Nemours providers have cared for thousands of patients on video (telehealth) for a long time. We’re ready to provide the best care for your child.

A video visit offers many benefits. You can avoid the waiting room, save time and reduce the stress of traveling. Most video visits are covered by insurance.

To have a video visit, all you’ll need is a smartphone, tablet or computer. Your device must have a working camera and microphone and a strong Wi-Fi signal or cellular data service.

To Get Started

Ask your primary care or specialty doctor if a video visit is a good option for your child. If it is, you can schedule an appointment through their office.

Once your visit is scheduled, you’ll need to set up your device and create a Nemours app account.
Learn How to Set Up »

Learn More

If you have questions or want to learn more about Nemours video visits, email or call (888) 459-4087.


Can I still have a video visit if I don’t have the right phone or computer set-up?
If you don’t have a device to use, we may be able to set up a video visit from a Nemours office close to your home. Call your child’s provider to learn how.

Does my child need to be with me and on screen during the entire video visit?
Yes. Your child must be present and near you for the entire video visit, although they do not have to be visible on the screen when the doctor is not examining or speaking to them.

Will my insurance cover my child’s video visit?
Many insurance providers cover a video visit at the same rate as a regular office visit. Check your insurance plan for details.

What if my child needs a prescription?
If your child’s provider prescribes medicine during the video visit, they can send the prescription electronically to your pharmacy.

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