Your Upcoming Scheduled Nemours Children's Video Visit

Your Upcoming Scheduled Nemours Video Visit
Your Upcoming Scheduled Nemours Video Visit
Your Upcoming Scheduled Nemours Video Visit

Tu próxima videovisita programada

Before Your Visit

As soon as possible, set up your Nemours app account and device. You can do this now to make logging in easy on the day of your visit.

Preparing for Your Video Visit

How do I create a Nemours app account?

1. Download the app. Go to the App Store or Google Play. Search for Nemours and download the Nemours app. If using a computer, go to

2. Create a Nemours app account. If you have used MyNemours in the past, just log in with your MyNemours username and password. If not, simply select "Create an Account" and follow the steps.

3. Verify email. For your security, you will need to open an email from Nemours and verify your email address.

Note: If you are a patient 18 years or older, you must create your own Nemours app account using your own email address before having a video visit. This is to protect your privacy.

Create Your Account


How do I add a child?

1. Log in to the Nemours app.

2. Select Add a Child.

3. Follow the prompts and fill in information.

4. If we find your child’s name in our system, you can link to this child.

5. If your child’s name is not in our system, you’ll need to add more information. (Request will be pending while we verify guardianship.)

Add Your Child


What if I forgot my password?

1. Launch the Nemours app.

2. Select Forgot?

3. Fill in information.

4. Check your email.

5. Open the email from Nemours, and click Reset My Password.

6. Create a new password.

7. Log in to the Nemours app using your username and new password.

Reset Password

On the Day of Your Visit

Start your visit 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time:

1. Open the Nemours app.

2. Sign in.

3. Go to the Video Visit section (bottom right corner).

4. Select your child from the list.

5. View their appointment under Upcoming Video Visits.

6. Select Begin Visit.

If you need assistance, call us at (888) 459-4087.

Start Your Video Visit

Tips for Your Visit

A video visit is like an in-person visit in many ways. Please treat this visit the same way you would an office visit.

To help your visit go smoothly, watch this short video, or read our tips.

If this visit is for your child:

  • Have them in the room before the visit starts
  • Be sure you are both dressed and seated

We also ask that you:

  • Have your visit from home or a private location to protect your privacy
  • Check that your Wi-Fi or cellular signal is strong and stable
  • Be sure the room is quiet and well-lit so the doctor can see and hear you
  • Don’t eat during the visit
  • Don’t drive or walk during the visit
  • Give your full attention
  • Tell the doctor if you need a note for school or work

Need help?

If you have questions or need technical help, call our support line at (888) 459-4087, or email us at