Raising Resilient Kids

Cómo criar niños resilientes

Video Series With Michael and Nicole Phelps

Nemours Children’s Health and the Michael Phelps Foundation have created Raising Resilient Kids, a video series that helps parents tackle common parenting concerns around social-emotional health in children.

In the series, gold medalist Michael Phelps and his wife, Nicole — who are mental health advocates and parents of three — sit down with Nemours Children's experts to ask some of the most pressing questions parents have today. Questions like,

  • “What’s the best way to help kids cope during tough times?”
  • “How can we help them handle disappointment in a healthy way?”

With expert advice and actionable tips families can practice at home, this series supports parents in raising children who are happy, healthy and resilient.

“I’ve learned so much and now have many new tools for parenting our boys.”

– Michael Phelps

Handling Disappointment

Michael and Nicole ask Psychologist Meghan Walls, PsyD, how to help kids handle disappointments and share their feelings.

Helping Kids Calm Down

Learning to control strong emotions is a necessary part of growing up. Michael and Nicole meet Psychologist Roger Harrison, PhD, who helps them learn what to do when kids are upset.

Preparing Kids for Change

Change can be hard for kids — whether that’s starting at a new school or having a parent leave for a trip. Dr. Walls offers tips for talking to your child — at each age and stage.

Building Empathy in Kids

Empathy is the foundation for healthy relationships. Michael and Nicole talk with Dr. Harrison, who explains how parents can cultivate empathy early in childhood.

Meet Michael and Nicole Phelps

Michael and Nicole are passionate about making the world a better place and helping others understand mental health. As parents of three young boys, they are driven to make a difference in the lives of children through the Michael Phelps Foundation.

Meet Meghan Walls, PsyD

Meghan Walls, PsyD, is a pediatric psychologist with Nemours and a clinical associate professor of Pediatrics with Sydney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. She serves as co-chair of the policy committee for the Delaware Lt. Governor’s Behavioral Health Consortium. Dr. Walls has a special focus on social determinants of health, toxic stress and parenting.

Nemours Children's Health pediatric psychologist Dr. Meghan Walls
Nemours Children's Health clinical psychologist Dr. Roger Harrison

Meet Roger Harrison, PhD

Roger Harrison, PhD, is a pediatric psychologist with Nemours and clinical associate professor of Pediatrics at Sidney Kimmel College of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. He currently serves as president-elect of the Delaware Psychological Association and chair of its diversity committee. Dr. Harrison has a special focus on ADHD, behavior disorders in childhood, anxiety and mood disorders and parenting.

Making a Difference

The Michael Phelps Foundation's mission is to promote water safety, healthy living (both emotional and physical) and the pursuit of dreams. For more than a decade, Nemours has been a trusted program partner, providing expertise, curricula and education.