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Ginsburg Institute for Health Equity at Nemours Children’s Health

The Ginsburg Institute for Health Equity at Nemours Children’s Health is committed to advancing health equity for children in medically underserved communities. This initiative goes beyond medicine to provide leadership, institutions and innovative programs to improve children’s health and lives.

Supported by a gift from philanthropist Alan H. Ginsburg and the Ginsburg Family Foundation, the Ginsburg Institute will provide intellectual and practical leadership through clinical care, research, education and quality improvement initiatives.

Through these efforts, we will transform health care and improve health equity, fundamentally altering the way we keep children healthy.

See how the Ginsburg Institute will help children well beyond medicine.

Eliminating Health Disparities

Preventable conditions such as asthma, obesity, diabetes and behavioral disorders represent an enormous proportion of rising health care costs for children. The social determinants underlying these illnesses are often poorly understood, especially in historically marginalized communities. The Ginsburg Institute will be a hub for efforts to radically rethink and remedy these problems in collaboration with government, community and business leaders.

Nemours Children’s already collaborates with schools, local agencies and community organizations across Florida to support initiatives in areas such as nutrition, physical activity, flu shots and literacy. The Ginsburg Institute will enhance this work by serving as a think tank to test new ideas and spread and scale what works.

These efforts align with Nemours Children’s focus on a “pay-for-health” model. We are actively shifting away from a sickness-and-disease-based model that is not only expensive, but deeply unsustainable. Instead of merely fighting symptoms of disease, our model promotes health by building community relationships and infrastructure, tackling risk factors and allocating resources for prevention.

Enhancing Children’s Health, Locally and Globally

The Ginsburg Institute is a truly interdisciplinary effort, bringing together a team of world-renowned pediatric specialists, behavioral economists, health services researchers, environmental health experts and data informaticists. Together, they will:

  • Identify and remove barriers to health in medically underserved areas
  • Collaborate to design and implement innovative projects to enhance population health
  • Prepare a health care and scientific workforce to deploy resources into diverse communities, both locally and around the world
  • Share research and policy findings locally, nationally and internationally to address underlying social determinants of health

Among the Institute’s first projects is a scalable research-to-practice model that can be replicated in Florida and across the nation, creating robust academic partnerships with Nemours Children’s. 

By treating the root causes of illness and health disparities, we can improve the lives of children everywhere and help them achieve their full potential.