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Food allergies in children happen when the immune system attacks a food protein by mistake. This causes many antibodies to form, called immunoglobulin E, or IgE. These antibodies release different chemicals that the body reacts to.  

Children’s food allergies show up in different ways. A child can have hives (red, itchy patches on the skin), eczema (dry itchy rash), nausea or diarrhea. The mouth and lips may be itchy and swollen, and some children have trouble swallowing or a dry cough. A severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis can happen. 

We know how hard food allergies can be on your child and the whole family. Our allergy and immunology specialists will create a care plan that fits your lifestyle. We work to balance your child’s safety with being able to enjoy friends, activities and school. 

Learn more about Food Allergies at the Nemours KidsHealth Library

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Complete Pediatric Food Allergy Services

We have experience in all types of food allergies, such as peanut, wheat, egg, tree nut, cow’s milk, soy, fish and shellfish. We treat complex allergies and conditions that can happen along with food allergies, like asthma

We can help pinpoint your child’s food allergy. We may recommend an oral food challenge, which tests different foods under medical supervision. 

We use advanced tests and diagnostics. We may order other tests to understand what’s happening with your child’s immune system. 

We create a personalized, complete care plan. We can help your child avoid triggers and stay healthy. We may recommend food allergy desensitization, which safely introduces a food in small amounts over time, under careful watch. 

We offer nutritional counseling. Our registered dieticians can help you with meal planning, food preparation and supplements.  

We work with other specialists if needed. We may work with pediatric experts in gastroenterology (digestive health) and others. 

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