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Hives are red swellings on the skin that can itch or sting. The medical word for hives is urticaria. Hives is often a reaction to something the body is allergic to, like certain foods, medicines, pets, or insect bites. It can also result from exposure to the sun, cold or even stress.  

Hives can go away without treatment. However,  it can sometimes be a sign of a serious allergic reaction that needs immediate medical care. And because the cause of hives can be a mystery, it’s important to see a pediatric doctor with experience in allergies. At Nemours Children’s, our experts can help your child feel better as soon as possible.  

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Treatment for Hives at Nemours

Our pediatricians and pediatric allergists take the time to understand your child’s condition. We work closely with you and other specialists as needed to create the right care plan.  

We’ll explore family medical history, since the allergy that caused hives may be partly genetic and passed from parent to child. We’ll help you avoid things that may trigger hives. We may also recommend allergy medications that can help your child feel comfortable.