Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Mission Statement

We aspire to have a residency program representative of the communities and patient population we serve. We stand together in our dedication to the health and well-being of all children, embracing their identities. The outstanding quality of our care is dependent upon and strengthened by the unique perspective of our diverse workforce, encompassing all races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, abilities, genders and sexual orientations. We foster an inclusive environment that celebrates our trainees’ distinct qualities and individual stories. We strive to train culturally humble and empathetic residents who are committed to providing comprehensive service to marginalized populations in these three domains:

  • Advocacy and legislation; creating population-level solutions to improve systems that better serve our community
  • Community presence; learning from and being a part of the fabric of the community
  • Collaborative medicine; fostering an environment where reciprocal learning from the patient is as essential as education to the patient.

We seek applicants that align with our mission and values, with the goal of providing high-quality, comprehensive care for patients from all walks of life.

Core Principles & Goals

We strive to foster an environment where our residents feel comfortable showing up as their authentic selves and learning on a daily basis. We believe the unique experiences and varied cultural backgrounds of our residents enrich our program, and we value each individual voice and hope to build our residency through:

  • Holistic review of applications
  • LGBTQ+ and UIM Happy Hours
  • Associate Resource Groups
  • Recognition and celebration of monthly cultural observances
  • UIM fellowship​
  • Designated APD as director of DE&I for residency program

Jefferson’s Overall Diversity Mission

We are in alignment with Jefferson's Diversity & Inclusion statement as well.



  • Health Equity Morning Report — Inspired by Boston Children’s Hospital, all residents present health equity morning report. This is a time to discuss those hard cases — when theory meets reality.
  • Health Equity in all didactics — All lecturers are requested to highlight an aspect of health equity. There are active efforts to build a Health Equity resource database to support our noon conference curriculum.
  • Encourage faculty to explore and complete the Stanford DEI Resources and Curriculum.

Community and Culture

  • Diversity Interest Group & Diversity Dinner Clubs — The goals of this group are for all residents to have a place to: 
    • Voice any concerns regarding diversity 
    • Discuss recruitment efforts, allyship and support they would find helpful as current residents 
    • Plan events to celebrate the diversity that exists and is valued in our program 
  • Orientation Scavenger Bingo — Designed to introduce our interns to their new community and the resources available 
  • MLK Day of Service — We partner with Jefferson/SKMC for a day of service in honor of Martin Luther King and his principles. This can be at one of our ongoing volunteer sites or a new organization.
  • Orange St. Clinic — Resident-run clinic that serves the unhoused population of inner-city Wilmington
  • Period Pantry — Residents can help support patients that experience period poverty through stocking, packing and advocating for period products
  • Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) (PDF)
  • Recognition of and calendar of monthly cultural events in the community and here at Nemours


  • Nemours and Jefferson value health disparity research. Mentors can be found on both campuses and have supported several resident research projects.
  • Spotlight: Priyanka Patel, DO (Class of 2023)


  • Recruitment efforts — Establishing relationships with Howard and Meharry Medical schools
  • Attendance at Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and Latino Medical Student Assocation (LMSA) regional and national meetings
  • Underrepresented In Medicine (UIM) rotation 

Resident Retention and Mentorship

  • In order to help our residents thrive, we assist residents in finding mentors who can provide support academically, personally and, if desired, from similar backgrounds.

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