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All kids get upset stomachs sometimes. But if they become a routine part of your child’s days, something more may be behind the tummy aches. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic (ongoing) condition that causes inflammation (redness, swelling or ulcers) in the digestive tract. This can cause pain and cramps, along with problems converting food to energy. IBD can affect your child’s whole life. That’s why Nemours Children's experts in digestion work with other specialists. Our goal is to help kids with IBD be as happy and healthy as possible with fewer IBD symptoms.

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At Nemours, we offer advanced inflammatory bowel disease technologies and therapies. Our IBD programs offer complete care to diagnose, treat and manage kids’ Crohn’s and colitis symptoms. We’re here to help families manage both the physical and emotional aspects of IBD.

And we’re leaders in IBD care for kids, as participants in ImproveCareNow. This national pediatric IBD improvement network helps us track how well we’re doing and coordinate efforts to improve care for all of the kids we see with IBD.

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