Hair Loss

Hair loss in children can happen for different reasons. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia may be caused by fungal infections, stress, friction, nutritional deficiencies or problems with hormones. Hair loss can also happen when the germ-fighting immune system attacks the hair follicles (tubes that hair grows from) by mistake.   

Nemours Children's pediatric dermatologists see a lot of kids with alopecia. We understand the causes and how to treat them. We also know how hair loss can affect a child, and family. We help solve the problem and bring confidence to kids of all ages.  

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Treatment for Hair Loss at Nemours

Hair loss in children is rarely permanent. While hair usually grows back on its own, we work to help it grow back faster.  

We may use medicines and creams to treat hair loss. Depending on the cause, we may also bring in other pediatric specialists. These include pediatric endocrinologists to treat hormone problems or behavioral health providers to deal with stress.