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A puberty disorder is when the process of developing into an adult doesn’t happen the way it should. Kids can develop early, called precocious puberty, or late, called delayed puberty.  

Puberty disorders can involve problems with hormone production, nutrition, tumors, brain injury or genetic disorders passed along in families. Nemours pediatric endocrinologists are experts in hormones and growth. We help your child grow up healthy.  

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Treatment for Puberty Disorders at Nemours

Treating puberty disorders depends on your child’s condition. Our team uses advanced tests and assessments. We try to understand the cause so we can treat it most effectively.  

We may use medicines to stop, slow or speed up development. We also watch for possible problems, like growth issues, so we can address them early. And because children with puberty disorders can feel self-conscious, we offer support and guidance. We want your child to be healthy, happy and confident. 

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