Student Placements, Orlando

Student placement requests will be placed on a request list until a designated deadline. Shortly after the deadline, the APP student placement committee will meet to determine which placements can be accommodated. We will notify the students and their respective placement coordinators if they have been accepted or declined. The successfully placed students will then be connected with the individual departments and APP educators. The educational curriculum, facilitation and scheduled hours during the rotation will be managed by the individual departments and APP educators. The deadlines will allow for students who were not selected to find rotations at other places.

The deadline dates for clinical placement requests are:

  • Summer requests: Feb 15
  • Fall requests: Jun 15
  • Spring requests: Sept 1

With each request for placement, in addition to a CV, the following information should be provided:

  1. Name of Student
  2. DOB
  3. Email for student
  4. Email for clinical coordinator
  5. Which school do you attend?
  6. What is your course of study?
    1. PNP: If you are in pediatric specialty, is it primary or acute?
    2. PA: Is your program ARC certified?
  7. Which rotations (specialties) are you looking for?
  8. How many hours is your clinical rotation?
  9. What is the time frame (dates) of your rotation?
  10. Have you completed a previous rotation at NCHFL?
  11. Are you a Nemours employee?

Please note: Clinical placement in our primary care clinics throughout the greater Orlando area are limited to PNP students only.


Jessica Allen, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC/PC
APP Manager, Inpatient Pediatrics
Nemours Children's Health, Florida