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Surgical Services

What to Expect

Outpatient (same-day) and inpatient pediatric surgical services are located in the state-of-the-art surgery center at Nemours Children's Hospital, Florida in Orlando. The surgery area also features:

  • Large, open, indoor-outdoor commons area with natural light 
  • Second-floor rooftop garden

When You Arrive

Use the hospital entrance. Surgery check-in is on the second floor.

Family-Friendly Features

Young female health worker in scrubs leans down to reach eye level and smiles at a female patient.

Preparing for Surgery

For urgent questions, or surgery start times and instructions, call Surgical Services at (407) 567-4221.

No Food or Drinks Before Surgery

Eating or drinking, even a little, before any procedure is dangerous and can affect anesthesia. Please remember to follow the presurgery instructions provided to avoid putting your child at risk or having your child’s surgery canceled or delayed.

Easing Fears

If you are unable to take an in-person tour, please take your child on this video tour to help prepare them for surgery, including what to expect before, during and after the procedure. 

Surgical Care in the Community

Some of the same pediatric surgeons from Nemours Children's Hospital, Florida offer outpatient consultations and follow-up care at Nemours Children's Health locations closer to your home.

Where We Offer Consultations & Follow-Up Care