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Children with auditory processing disorder (APD) have trouble making sense out of what they hear. Most kids with APD — often also called “central auditory processing disorder” (CAPD) — don’t have hearing loss. They just have a hard time being able to tell the differences between the sounds in words. It’s a complex problem that affects about 5 percent of children. At Nemours Children's, our audiologists are experts at diagnosing auditory processing disorder and helping children learn to manage it. We work with families to figure out what’s going on and find the right therapy, so that kids can be successful in school and life.

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Although kids can be screened for hearing problems at schools and doctors’ offices, only a trained audiologist has the expertise and certification to diagnose central auditory processing disorder. At Nemours, our pediatric audiologists are experienced in working with children with auditory processing disorder. Our specialized programs provide complete diagnosis and treatment. And we work with schools and teachers to make sure they understand auditory processing disorder and kids have what they need to succeed.

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