Clinical Pharmacogenomics

Helping Predict Your Child’s Response to Medicine

Pharmacogenomics (also called Pharmacogenetics) uses a person’s genetic information to predict drug response to some medicines. Our genes, or DNA, provide the blueprint for our bodies and traits that make us unique, such as eye color. In some cases, doctors can use this genetic information with other medical information to pick which medicines or doses of medicines may be best for a person. This is one piece of the puzzle to enhance treatment decisions and help patients receive the right medicine at the right dose for them.

Pharmacogenomic Specialists You Can Trust

Our Nemours Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service consists of a team of clinical pharmacists with specialized training located in both Delaware and Florida. We partner with your child’s doctors and your family to provide treatment recommendations. We will help you every step of the way to understand your child's pharmacogenomic results and how those results may impact treatment choices.

This clinical service assists your treatment team in:

  • Determining if pharmacogenomic testing is right for your child
  • Ordering the most appropriate pharmacogenetic tests for your child
  • Interpreting pharmacogenomic results for your child’s provider
  • Providing you with easily understandable recommendations.

What is Pharmacogenetics?

Watch this 90-second video to learn more about pharmacogenetics.

Conditions and Treatment

While there are many medications used to treat common conditions, not every medicine is influenced by genetics — it is only one piece of the puzzle. Listed below are some of the conditions that are commonly treated with medicines that may be influenced by genetics. Don’t see a condition listed? Check with your child’s health care provider if pharmacogenomic testing is appropriate or to order a referral to the Nemours Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service.

Our Highlights


Genes tested on the Nemours Pharmacogenomics Panel


Medications guided with evidence-based medicine


Have at least 1 drug-gene interaction from looking at 11 genes

We’re leaders in the field of pharmacogenomics for kids. Our pharmacogenomics service is one of a handful of pediatric dedicated pediatric services across the country. We're members of the Clinical Pharmacogenetic Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and Implementing Genomics in Medicine (IGNITE) Network.

We use advanced genetic testing and analysis techniques. We use the latest methods to find or assess genetic variants associated with medication responses in diverse populations. Blood or saliva samples provided by your child are analyzed by the Nemours CLIA-certified laboratory in Delaware.

We’ve implemented a drug-gene interaction tool in our medical records. Our specialists implemented evidence-based drug-gene interaction checks in our electronic medical records for patients using our internal pharmacogenomics test. This tool will alert your Nemours providers if they are about to prescribe a drug with a drug-gene interaction based on your child’s pharmacogenomic test results.

We work to get families answers. Waiting for test results and coming back to Nemours for follow-up can be stressful. We coordinate with your provider, the Nemours laboratory, and financial team support you throughout the entire process.

Want to Learn More?

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