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Cochlear Implant Program
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Cochlear Implant Program

Life-Changing Surgery to Help Kids Hear

If your child has hearing problems that aren’t helped by a hearing aid, a cochlear implant may make a huge difference in their ability to hear. The implant features two parts: a surgically implanted device that electrically stimulates the hearing nerve, and a programmable piece worn externally (on the head) that processes sounds.

Sometimes called a “bionic ear,” getting a cochlear implant can be a life-changing event for kids with hearing loss. At Nemours Children's, our cochlear implant surgery team brings together a wide range of expertise and experience to help give your child the gift of sound.

Learn more about cochlear implants from the Nemours experts at KidsHealth.

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Services We Offer for Children With Cochlear Implants

Depending on the location you visit and your child’s specific needs, your care team may include:

  • Audiologists — experts who specialize in testing and helping kids with hearing loss
  • Auditory neurophysiologists — experts in how the nerves related to hearing work
  • Certified teachers — educators of the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Linguistic researchers — specialists who study language and speech sounds, formation and structure
  • Listening and spoken language therapists — specialists who give parents and caregivers techniques to help kids learn to develop natural-sounding speech and language
  • Neurocognitive specialists — experts who provide testing and evaluation to assess developmental disorders
  • Neuro-otologists/otologists — ear, nose and throat doctors/surgeons who specialize in ear problems
  • Otolaryngologists — ear, nose and throat doctors/surgeons
  • Social workers — professionals who help families cope and find community services
  • Speech-language pathologists — specialists in communication problems

Working together, we coordinate all of the necessary pieces for your child’s cochlear implant surgery. That includes working with you and your team before and after surgery to make sure you understand what’s going on and what to expect every step of the way.

Our auditory-verbal therapy helps kids develop spoken language skills through listening — and it includes training for you and play therapy for your child. We’ll also teach you how to care for and operate your child’s device.

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Expert Cochlear Implant Care for Kids and Families

Nemours experts have performed hundreds of successful cochlear implant surgeries in children from their first year to 17 years old. Our advanced surgical facilities are specially equipped to meet kids’ needs.

Beyond surgery, our cochlear implant programs provide long-term support for your child and your family. And we offer you the convenience of having all the services associated with cochlear implant care all in one place. Our Jacksonville office even offers a free summer camp for kids with cochlear implants.

We’re also actively involved in research to look for better ways to diagnose and treat childhood hearing and speech disorders. Plus, year after year, many on our team are recognized as "Best Doctors in America®," as well as "Top Doctors" by local magazines in our regions.